An A-Z of unique baby boy and girl names and their meanings

There's a lot of inspiration here!

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We've been thinking about baby names and how important it is to find a name you love as much as your newborn bundle (or bundles) of joy!

If you're looking for a name that's a little bit more unique, or one with a special meaning, then this list is for you!

We've teamed up with Mother & Baby, who have compiled a list of the most creative baby names in the UK and across the globe.


Unique baby names - boy and girls (Stacked)

Unusual baby boy names A1 of 52
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Unique baby boy names A

AbnerMeaning: This Hebrew names means "father is light", or "father of light".AeroMeaning: "of the sky" in Greek.ArkinMeaning: This Norwegian name means "eternal king's son".ArlenMeaning: This Irish name is of Gaelic origin, and means "pledge, promise, oath".

Unique baby girl names2 of 52
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Unique baby girl names

Unusual Baby Girl Names - beginning with AAdoreMeaning: "a gift; beloved; adored". Adore is a version of Adora (Greek, Old German, Latin).AileyMeaning: Comes from the Irish origin, meaning "light".AlaskaMeaning: After the American state, this name originates from the Aleut aleyska, meaning "the mainland" or literally "the object toward which the action of the sea is directed," or alternatively "great land".AlluraMeaning: A name with a British origin, Allura means "Godly adviser".AmandineMeaning: Amandine is originally Latin and means "beloved".AmaryllisMeaning: This is a Greek name, meaning "sparkling". A flower name after the lily-like plants called Amaryllis; poetically used to mean "a simple shepherdess or country girl".AnoukMeaning: Anouk originates from France and it means "grace".

Unusual baby boy names B3 of 52
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Unusual baby boy names B

BasilMeaning: Another Greek name on the list, Basil is best known as a herb but also means "royal" or "kingly".BrandoMeaning: Potentially as an homage to the famed actor Marlon Brando, this Italian name is dervied from the French Bertrand, meaning "brilliant raven", "fiery torch" or "beacon".

Unique baby girl names4 of 52
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Unique baby girl names B

BethanMeaning: This beautiful girls name means "God has promised".BlissMeaning: English origin: a nickname for a cheerful person, from Middle English blisse "joy" - it is similar to the name Blythe.BlueMeaning: We think some parents may be taking inspiration from Beyoncé and Jay Z on this one! In Middle English, it was spelt bleu or blewe.BunnyMeaning: ...And this one may have been inspired by Katie Price and Kieran Hayler! A bunny is a "little rabbit" - cute!

Unusual baby boy names C5 of 52
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Unique baby boy names C

CedarMeaning: Best known as a coniferous tree, this could be an alternative to Cedric, which was invented by Sir Walter Scott for his novel Ivanhoe in 1819.CosmoMeaning: This name is both used in English and Italian, with the alternative of Cosimo, meaning "order, decency, and beauty".CoyoteMeaning: Fancy naming your baby after a canine creature found mostly in Central and North America?CrispinMeaning: This Latin baby name is from the Roman family name Crispinus, based on the Latin word Crispus which means "curled" or "curly-haired".

Unique baby girl names6 of 52
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Unique baby girl names C

CandyMeaning: A sweet treat, or short for Candace. In Latin, it means "dazzling white", or "bright glowing light".CarounMeaning: This Armenian girls name means "springtime". If you're due to have a little girl in the spring this name definitely seem fitting.CiciMeaning: This is an alternative spelling to Cece, short for Cecelia. In Romanian, Cici means "blind".ConstanzaMeaning: This unique name originates from Italy and means "constant, unchanging".CrimsonMeaning: A deep red colour, in Japanese is "Kurea".

Unusual baby boy names D7 of 52
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Unique baby boy names D

DaxtenMeaning: An alternative to the name Dax, it may mean "of the town Dax", which is French.Devyn Irish, meaning 'poet'.

Unique baby girl names8 of 52
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Unique baby girl names D

DashaMeaning: This Russian name simply means "nice, energetic and - of course - dashing quality".DollMeaning: Other than being a cute pet name, it also means "gift of god".DuniaMeaning: Also can be spelled Dunya, meaning "life" or "world" in the Middle East.

Unusual baby boy names E9 of 52
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Unique baby boy names E

EbenezerMeaning: Made famous by Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol, it means "rock" or "stone of help".

Unique baby girl names10 of 52
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Unique baby girl names E

EdwigeMeaning: This Teutonic baby name means "refuge from war".ElspethMeaning: A Scottish version of Elizabeth, meaning "chosen by God" or "consecrated by God".ElunedMeaning: This Welsh name means "idol, image".

Unusual baby boy names F11 of 52
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Unique baby boy names F

FritzMeaning: This is a shortened version of the German Frederick, derived from the Old High German Fridurih (ruler of peace), a compound name composed of the elements frid (peace) and rik (king, ruler).

Unique baby girl namesUnique baby girl names12 of 52
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Unique baby girl names F

FawnMeaning: An English baby name, meaning "young deer". The Greek mythological deity of fertility and nature was Fauna. She was famous for her chastity.

Unique baby boy names G13 of 52

Unique baby boy names G

Granville Meaning: English, meaning 'gravelly town'Griffin Meaning: A griffin is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

Unique baby girl names14 of 52
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Unique baby girl names G

GigiMeaning: "earth worker", or "God is gracious" in Greek, it may also be used a short version of Georgina. Is this thanks to Gigi Hadid?GinevraMeaning: This name strangely reminds us of Ginny from Harry Potter. This girls name originates from Wales and means fair, white, soft.GrayMeaning: Traditionally a boy's name, the name Gray has come into prominence in the last year as a popular girl's name. It means "gray-haired; pleasant".GretelMeaning: Best known as one of the two main characters in the old fairy tale Hansel And Gretel, it means "a pearl", or alternatively is another version of MargaretGypsyMeaning: "a bohemian traveller".

Unusual baby boy names H15 of 52
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Unique baby boy names H

HanselMeaning: Best known as the other half of Hansel and Gretel, this Hebrew name means "Gift from God".HarlenMeaning: This is an alternative spelling to Harlan, which is and English name meaning "From the hare's land".HawkMeaning: One of the most feared birds of prey, the word "hawk" actually dervies from the Old English word "hafoc".HestonMeaning: Traditionally an English surname, the name Heston has come into prominence through the famous chef, Heston Blumenthal. It means "one who came from Heston (a London suburb.)", and is derived from the Old English "hes" meaning "brushwood" and "tun" which means "enclosure".HoganMeaning: This is normally an Irish surname. In Irish Gaelic, Ó hÓgáin, it is diminutive of "Og" meaning "young".HyattMeaning: An English name, meaning "from the high gate".

Unique baby girl names16 of 52
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Unique baby girl names H

HonestiMeaning: An alternative spelling of Honesty, this name means "truthfulness".

Unusual baby boy names I17 of 52
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Unique baby boy names I

IggyMeaning: Are parents naming their children after Iggy Pop?! This English name means "firey one".IgorMeaning: This Russian name means "warrior of peace".IkeMeaning: Although often short for Isaac, the name Ike is actually a name in it's own right. From Hebrew origins, this name means "he laughs/laughter".IndigoMeaning: Although traditionally a girl's name, this deep, rich purple colour would make a lovely name for either gender! Coming from the Greek "Indikos", meaning Indian dye.

Unique baby girl names18 of 52
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Unique baby girl names I

IsabeauMeaning: This baby girl name reminds us of the gorgeous name Isabelle. However, Isabeau is slightly different; it originates from France and means pledged to God.

Unusual baby boy names Zsual Baby Boy Names19 of 52
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Unique baby boy names J

JacintoSpanish or Portuguese, meaning 'hyacinth'.JeevanIndian, meaning 'life'. Often used with a prefix like 'har', to form other names such as Harjeevan.

Unique baby girl names20 of 52
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Unique baby girl names J

JubileeMeaning: "anniversary celebration" in English, this name can be used for both baby girls and baby boys.JupiterMeaning: Thinking of naming your baby after the planet? Jupiter derives from Latin Iuppiter, which was ultimately derived from the Indo-European *Dyeu-pater, composed of the elements Dyeus (God in Latin) and pater - "father". Jupiter was the supreme god in Roman mythology.

Unusual baby boy names K21 of 52
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Unique baby boy names K

KruzeMeaning: An alternative spelling to Cruz, made famous by the Beckhams, meaning "cross" in Spanish and referring to the cross of the crucifixion.

Unique baby girl names22 of 52
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Unique baby girl names K

KalindaMeaning: Kalinda means sun, name of mountains and its origin is Hindi.

Unusual baby boy names L23 of 52
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Unique baby boy names L

LionMeaning: Coming from the Latin Leo, which is a name in its own right and often short for Leonardo.LoyalMeaning: The word loyal means "true or faithful in allegiance", which is what we should all hope our children turn out to be! Comes from the Latin legalis, making "legal" and "loyal" from the same branch.LysanderMeaning: Most famous as one of The Lovers in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Lysander means "liberator" or "one who is freed". A compound name made up of "lysis" (freedom) and "andros" (man).

Unique baby girl names24 of 52
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Unique baby girl names L

LadyMeaning: Are you a Lady and the Tramp fan? This name is a girl's name of Old English origin, meaning "bread kneader" and may refer to someone in charge of a household, and therefore of high rank.LilacMeaning: This is a pretty name, taken from the pastel purple colour of the lilac flower.LilouMeaning: This female name is originally from France and simply means Lily.LottieMeaning: Short for Charlotte, the French feminine version of Charles, which means "man". Charlotte can also mean "petite".LovelleMeaning: This is a feminine version of Lovell, which derives from the Old Norman French Louvel, which means "wolf cub".LuluMeaning: Short for any girl's name beginning with Lou, for example Lucy, Louise, Louisa etc. It could also be the feminine version of Louis, which means "famous warrior".

Unusual baby boy names M25 of 52
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Unique baby boy names M

MarloMeaning: An alternative to Marlon, which is French, this name means "descendent of Mary".MarsMeaning: The Roman God of war? The Red Planet? Or the delicious chocolate bar? Either way, this name comes from mar, which means to spoil or ruin something. It could also be from the Latin mas, which means male.MarvelMeaning: Are you thinking of naming your son after the comic book giants? Comes from the Latin "mirari", meaning to "wonder at".

Unique baby girl names26 of 52
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Unique baby girl names M

MelroseMeaning: This is a Scottish name which means the bald moor (treeless hill). Could also be an almagamation of Melanie or Melissa and Rose.MiamiMeaning: After the place in America, but was originally named after the Mayaimi, a Native American tribe.MignonMeaning: Mignon has an adorable meaning for your little one: dainty, petite. The name originates from France.MildredMeaning: An Anglo-Saxon name of Old English origin, which means "gentle strength".MistyMeaning: With the rise of Pokémon Go last year, it's no wonder that the name Misty has made its way up the name lists this year. Deriving from mist, meaning "light fog".MoonMeaning: We're sure you can guess this one... But the word moon in Old English was Mona, another pretty girl's name.

Unusual baby boy names N27 of 52
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Unique baby boy names N

NestorMeaning: A Greek name derived from a combination of "νέομαι" (neomai), meaning "go back", and "νόστος" (nostos), meaning "one who returns from travels".

Unique baby girl names28 of 52
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Unique baby girl names N

NimratMeaning: This is a really pretty Sikh name, meaning "humble".

Unusual baby boy names O29 of 52
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Unique baby boy names O

OakMeaning: A sturdy tree which bears the acorn.OzMeaning: Commonly used as a shortening of Australia in the modern Western world, but Oz actually means "strength" in Hebrew.

Unique baby girl names30 of 52
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Unique baby girl names O

OdeliaMeaning: A Hebrew name, meaning "praise God". Can also be shortened to Delia.OlwenMeaning: Not only is this Welsh names unique but the meaning is too. It means "white footprint".

Unusual baby boy names P31 of 52
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Unique baby boy names P

PaxMeaning: Derived from the Latin "pax" meaning "peace, the binding thing". Pax was also a Roman goddess of peace, and is the name of one of Angelina Jolie's sons.PerseusMeaning: Another character from Greek mythology, Perseus was Hercules' half-brother. This name is either derived from the Greek verb, "πέρθειν" (perthein), meaning "to waste, ravage, sack, destroy" - or, it means "to destroy".PsalmMeaning: A religious hymn, this comes from the Greek "psallein", meaning "to pluck".

Unique baby girl names32 of 52
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Unique baby girl names P

PaizleeMeaning: An alternative spelling of Paisley, which makes us wonder whether Paisley from Tattoo Fixers has had a wider effect on the world this year? The meaning of Paisley is not only a town in the Scottish Lowlands, it is also a type of fabric and a pattern.PandoraMeaning: A Greek name, Pandora means "all-gift". Also well-known for the Greek fable "Pandora's Box".PatienceMeaning: A popluar English name in past centuries, meaning "patient".PepperMeaning: Aside from being the popular foods, it is both English and North German - from Middle English peper, piper, hence a metonymic occupational name for a spicer; alternatively, it may be a nickname for a small man (as if the size of a peppercorn) or one with a fiery temper.PilarMeaning: The meaning of this Spanish name is similar to the meaning - "pillar".PinkyMeaning: Of Indian origin, meaning "pinkish".

Unique baby boy names Q33 of 52

Unique baby boy names Q

QuaidMeaning: Irish, meaning 'fourth'.QuinlanMeaning: Gaelic, meaning 'fit, shapely and strong'.

Unique baby girl names Z34 of 52

Unique baby girl names Q

QuianaMeaning: American, meaning 'silky'.QuintessaMeaning: Latin, meaning 'creative'.

Unusual baby boy names R35 of 52
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Unique baby boy names R

RajMeaning: Raj is a Sanskrit Indian name, meaning "King".RamsesMeaning: Ever watch the Prince Of Egypt? Ramses was Moses' step-brother! In Egyptian, Ramses means "begotten by Ra the sun god".RenlyMeaning: It would seem we have a lot of Game Of Thrones fans out there... It's also an alternative to Renleigh or Renley.RigginsMeaning: Traditionally an English surname, Riggins is an Anglicised form of the Irish surname Ó Riagáin which means "son of Riagán" derived from the Irish name Riagán, which means "little king".RocketMeaning: Possibly taking inspiration from Jamie and Jools Oliver, it comes from the French "roquette" which means "spinning".RoscoeMeaning: This is a Norwegian name, meaning "from the deer forest".

Unique baby girl names36 of 52
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Unique baby girl names R

RooneyMeaning: Originally a Gaelic name, Rooney means "red haired".RozaMeaning: Similar to the name, this Latin name means Rose.

Unique baby girl names37 of 52
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Unique baby boy names S

SaintMeaning: Almost definitely taking inspiration from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's adorable little boy, this name comes from the Latin "sancire", which means "consecrate".SparshMeaning: This unusual name means "touch".

Unique baby girl names38 of 52
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Unique baby girl names S

SaskiaMeaning: This is probably the least unique name on this list (we're sure you've heard of it before) and the German meaning is Saxon.ShoshanaMeaning: This cute name is originally from Hebrew and means "lily".SignyMeaning: This Scandinavian name simply means "new victory". That's a pretty cool meaning for a name.StarrMeaning: An alternative spelling of Star, you could also think about Stella, which is star in Latin.StormMeaning: Are there any X-Men fans out there? The definition of storm is: a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.StrawberryMeaning: It would be adorable to name your baby daughter after the cute fruit.SundayMeaning: Traditionally the first day of the week, this day was named after the sun. Also, the Greek word for Sunday is "Kyriake", meaning the "Lord's Day", and this is also a girl's name.SuzuMeaning: This name originates from Japan and means "little bell".

Unusual baby boy names T39 of 52
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Unique baby boy names T

TavishMeaning: A Scottish version of Thomas, it's an Anglicised form of Thàmhais.TigerMeaning: There are quite a few animal names in this list!TruMeaning: A German name meaning "strength of the spear; spear maiden".

Unique baby girl names T40 of 52

Unique baby girl names T

TainaTayma Native American, meaning 'peal of thunder'. Also the name of an oasis in Saudi Arabia.TaliseTalyse Native American, meaning 'lovely water'.

Unique baby boy names U41 of 52

Unique baby boy names U

Ugo Meaning: Italian form of Hugo, meaning 'soul, mind and intellect'. UrielMeaning: Hebrew, meaning 'angel of light'. UptonMeaning: English, meaning 'high town'.

Unique baby girl names U42 of 52

Unique baby girl names U

UdayaMeaning: Indian, meaning 'dawn'.Uriella Meaning: Uriella Hebrew, meaning 'angel of light'.UlaMeaning: alt. Ulla Celtic, meaning 'gem of the sea'

Unique baby boy names V43 of 52

Unique baby boy names V

Valerio Meaning: Italian, meaning 'to be strong'.VidalMeaning: 'Life giving'.

Unique baby girl names T44 of 52

Unique baby girl names V

ValentineMeaning: Although commonly a boy's name, this has crept up the charts for girls this year. Derived from Valens, meaning "strong, vigourous, healthy".VarvavaMeaning: This Greek name means "stranger".VerityMeaning: Derived from the Latin Veritas, which means "a truth, a reality".VeronaMeaning: This is an city in Italy, and is a very pretty name. Also, where Romeo and Juliet is traditionally set.VictoryMeaning: It may be derived from the Latin Victoria, which means "to conquer".

Unusual baby boy names Zsual Baby Boy Names45 of 52
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Unique baby boy names W

WarwickEnglish, meaning 'farm near the weir'. The name of a historic town in England with a castle and a university.WinterOld English, meaning 'to be born in the winter'.WynnWyn Welsh, meaning 'very blessed' or 'the fair blessed one'. Also used in old English to mean 'friend'.

Unique baby girl names W46 of 52

Unique baby girl names W

Waverly Meaning: Old English, meaning 'meadow of aspens'. WhisperMeaning: English, meaning 'whisper'Wisteria Meaning: English, meaning 'flower'.

Unique baby boy names X47 of 52

Unique baby boy names X

XadrianMeaning: American, a combination of X and Adrian, meaning 'from Hadria'.XylanderMeaning: Greek, meaning 'man of the forest'.

Unique baby girl names X48 of 52

Unique baby girl names X

XantheMeaning: Greek, meaning 'blonde'. XoeyMeaning: Variant of Zoe, meaning 'life'. Xylia Meaning: Alt. Xylina, Xyloma Greek, meaning 'from the woods'.

Unique baby boy names Y49 of 52

Unique baby boy names Y

YardenMeaning: Hebrew, meaning 'to flow downward'.Yogi Meaning: Indian, meaning 'master of oneself'. Popularised by the American cartoon character, Yogi Bear.

Unique baby girl names Y50 of 52

Unique baby girl names Y

YadiraMeaning: Arabic, meaning 'worthy'.YareliMeaning: Latin, meaning 'golden'.

Unusual baby boy names Zsual Baby Boy Names51 of 52
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Unique baby boy names Z

ZeeMeaning: This could be a shortened version of the Hebrew name Ezekiel, which means "God will strengthen".ZiggyMeaning: This German name is a shortened version of Sigmund, which means "protection through victory".ZyronMeaning: There isn't very much explanation on the name Zyron, but it could be an alternative of Zion, which is a Biblical name meaning "monument; raised up; sepulcher".

Unique baby girl names Z52 of 52

Unique baby girl names Z

ZamiaMeaning: Greek, meaning 'pine cone'.ZyraMeaning: "brightness of the morning".

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