The Voice’s Ricky Wilson has recorded the new Zig And Zag theme tune

And it’s damn good

by Anna Lewis |
Published on

Ricky Wilson has been using his time off from The Voice wisely. He’s recorded the theme tune for the brand new Zig and Zag show, called, erm,* Zig And Zag.*

Ricky has teamed up with his Kaiser Chiefs bandmate Simon Rix to record the song for the puppet duo's upcoming CBBC return.



Saying that – Zig and Zag aren’t actually puppets anymore. They’re cartoons.

We first heard about those crazy guys returning to our screens back in April.

Written by Ciaran Morrison and Mick O'Hara, Zig And Zag will follow the pair's life in the suburbs after a crash landing on earth, and will air in spring 2016.

Zig and Zag made their TV debut on RTÉ's The Den back in 1987, before turning up on Channel 4's Big Breakfast five years later.

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