Wagamama has a new vegan katsu curry and we’re SO here for it

Now even vegans can be basic AF

vegan katsu curry

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You might have noticed that more and more of our favourite restaurants and food brands have been turning vegan recently. And it’s not a surprise really, considering there are almost four times as many vegans in the UK as there were 10 years ago.

The world is changing. Ben and Jerry’s have launched a vegan ice cream, a vegan Bailey’s is in the works and fast food giants McDonalds have even jumped on the trend and brought out a vegan burger… yep, really.

So when we heard that Wagamama was following suit and brining out a vegan menu we were so here for it.

They’ve introduced a dreamy new vegan ramen and given some of their long-standing veggie favourites like the pad thai and the yaki soba a vegan revamp.

But, top of our list? Their spanking new VEGAN KATSU CURRY, obvs.

The katsu curry, or ‘Vegatsu’ as it is also known, is made out of seitan – a meat substitute – and covered the world-famous curry sauce.

However, vegans will have to wait a little longer before they can grab this dish in their local Wagas branch. Unfortunately, the vegan katsu is only being trialed at the Dean Street restaurant in London’s Soho, for a limited time only.

Speaking about their decision to give their menu a vegan makeover, Customer Director Emma Woods said: "Our first ever dedicated vegan and vegetarian menu can be the starting point to support a vegan lifestyle choice.

“From its October launch, we will be listening to our fans to make sure we are constantly adapting and innovating to meet customer desires and a modern lifestyle.”

So, whose going to start a petition to make the Vegatsu a permanent feature? We’d sign it...

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