Wanna have a go at steam cooking? Then Miele can help

It’s like putting your food in a big steam room. Except it’s literally nothing like that because that would be mad…


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Have you noticed a little kitchen revolution going on recently? No, we’re not talking about that Lotus biscuit spread or even gin or prosecco flavoured crisps (although, those things are AWESOME too).

No, we’re talking about cooking with steam. Miele was the first company to pioneer cooking with steam in the integrated kitchen appliance world. This innovation is now winning over more and more chefs and home cooks. And with its healthy eating benefits and impressive cooking results, we’re not surprised!

By introducing steam into the cooking process, you instantly introduce a host of other benefits too. You preserve all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals, as well as all important colour and texture. Scientific studies have proven that vegetables contain 50 per cent more vitamin C when cooked by steam than by conventional methods. The same applies for mineral and nutrient content. Sounds good to us!

Cooked with steam, vegetables taste fresher and fish keeps all its natural flavours. But there’s more to it than veggies and fish. You can even improve your porridge, poached eggs and even chicken casserole!

Plus there’s no need to add oils or fats to food during the cooking process. Also, very little salt is required, as the natural flavours are retained. That’s great news for anyone keeping to a low fat or low-salt diet.

Why not try the Miele Generation 6000 DG6010 Contour Line Steam Oven?

This innovative freestanding steam oven is great for adding to an existing kitchen scheme or where there is not the room for a built-in model. It benefits from a 24L capacity and an integrated water container, so it does not need to be plumbed in. Touch controls make it simple to use and easy to clean and there are four different shelf levels, with steam cooking available over three. Special programmes for vegetables, fish and meat are available, as well temperature controls and display, reheat and defrost settings.

Cool huh?

Head over to Miele’s website for more on steam cooking.

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