Want to find love? CiCi The Waitress from First Dates tells us how

Unlucky in lurve? You might be doing it wrong. We asked the hostess with the mostess to give us some dating tips

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Are you crap at dating? Well thank GOD you’ve come to the right place. CiCi The Waitress is a woman who’s seen as many potential hook ups as hot dinners served in the First Dates restaurant – but what’s the key to success? We took her off shift and asked her about finding love…

What should we definitely do on a date?

Have a drink. Definitely, and just be real in the situation, because everyone’s awkward, everyone’s uncomfortable, everyone’s nervous so sometimes that’s actually opening up to somebody if you say, ‘I’m really nervous’ and then the other person says, ‘Oh my God so am I!’ and before you know it you’ve got something in common.

**What should we *definitely not *do on a date? **

Don’t pre plan what you’re going to say or if it’s an awkward silence, just let it happen, rather than trying to fill it with some kind of joke. And just be yourself. Don’t lie.

Have you ever fancied any of the diners?

All the time! The minute they walk in, I’m like, ‘Him! I fancy him! I want to serve that table.

Have they ever chatted you up?

Yeah. But when you have a guy openly just flirting with you with his date on the table, that’s really awkward and really really uncomfortable. I act like an idiot so they don’t fancy me.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

All of my first dates are terrible. I always get way too drunk, and I expose way too much and there’s usually a drunken act involved, where I’m waking up the next day thinking ‘Oh my God’, as in like I’ve fallen over or I’ve got a graze on my leg. I’ve thrown up in front of men and thought, ‘He’s never going to call me again’ but they still call! Throw up on every first date, there you go!

Who would be your ideal date?

Ryan Gosling without a doubt. I’m keeping it positive.

If you didn’t work on the show, would you go on it to find love?

No. I thought I would, but I recently came out of a two year relationship, and when I came out of it I thought, ‘I can’t do this. I can’t date. It’s too hard to do this!’ I get why people are so nervous. I’d love to say yes and I’d have to get really drunk, but I would just screw it up and I wouldn’t want everyone to see my mess up.

What’s your biggest First Dates pet hate?

I really dislike it when people are rude to the waiters. It says a lot about the person.

Catch CiCi serving up dating realness on First Dates on Channel 4, Thursdays, 10pm

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