WhatsApp may have just saved us from drunk texting FOREVER


WhatsApp unsend

by Polly Foreman |
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Those of you who’ve experienced the crushing realisation you’re going to have to start a new life in the deepest depths of the darkest jungle, Jumanji style, after checking your phone after a heavy night of drinking are in luck.

Because, in news we have been waiting our entire lives for (since we stopped having to pay 20p for each text, anyway), WhatsApp might be about to introduce an ‘unsend’ feature. Finally a more permanent solution to us just deleting the conversation off our phones and pretending it never happened.

Never has YASSSS been more inappropriate.

Whatsapp ©Getty Images

The function is apparently going to be tested in the beta version of the next update.

WhatSapp news account, WABetaInfo, tweeted a video that seems to show an option to ‘revoke message’

We’re not entirely sure how useful it would be in practice, as it’s unclear whether or not it will work for ‘delivered’ messages as well as ‘sent’ (if at all), but it’s still better than nothing.

In the meantime, maybe best to just delete your exes number or something?

And that fuckboy you’ve been texting at one in the morning, while you’re at it.

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