12 Flipping great places to celebrate Pancake Day

where to celebrate pancake day

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The best flippin’ day of the year? Some might say Christmas, some might say their birthday, but you can’t deny Pancake Day is pretty goddamn great. If you’re curious about all the ways you can celebrate Shrove Tuesday, sit back and take a seat. We got in touch with DesignMyNight for the best stacks in London, and you’re in for a real treat. From a Press For Pancakes button to ones that resemble McDonalds’ precious Big Mac, here’s a list of the UK’s coolest places to spend Pancake Day...


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Push For Prosecco? Been there done that. But Push For Pancakes? Now that's something we've never seen before. Make your way to Albert Schloss in Manchester on 5th March and celebrate Shrove Tuesday in the most weirdest of ways with their button that brings pancakes straight to your table. Pick from their sweet crêpe with orange curd inside candied orange zest, Morello cherry, pickled blood orange, whipped vanilla mascarpone cream or have a go at their savoury option that's made with Alpine ham, cheese sauce, truffle oil, haus mustard, chives and a sprinkling of parmesan.

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Where The Pancakes Are don't faff about when it comes to Shrove Tuesday. They actually take it so seriously that they've extended their opening hours on 5th March so people can celebrate the day right up until the clock chimes midnight. Alongside their uber special and limited edition stack, A Very Lemony Affair, you can take part in a spot of lemon bobbing and a three-legged pancake race if you're there between 6pm and 8pm.

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Pancake Day is around the corner and they only thing you're thinking is holy crêpe? If you're a nightmare in the kitchen and fancy treating yourself to something special on 5th March, we've got just the place. Christopher's are pulling up their sleeves to cook a limited edition pancake menu, and they have both the sweet and the savory covered. The white chocolate and Oreo ones with vanilla mascarpone and honeycomb ice cream are to die for but the butter poached lobster is just as delicious and decadent.

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Big Chill King's Cross have a weekend brunch that consists of bottomless espresso martinis (and some of the tastiest dishes in the business), and for Shrove Tuesday they're going to showcase their popular pancakes all day long. Their fluffy masterpiece is a lip-smaking combination of Canadian maple syrup, brulée banana and cornflake whipped cream, all on top of a perfectly cooked set of buttermilk pancakes.

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The Book Club have joined forces with the Big Bloody Brunch charity for Shrove Tuesday to create one super unique stack of pancakes. When we say unique folks, we really mean unique. The red velvet pancakes will come decorated with mini, edible macaroon tampons, and it's all in aid of getting more people openly talking about menstruation. For the day that's in it, we recommend washing everything down with a bloody mary because, well, why the bloody hell not.

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An entire house folks, an entire house dedicated to pancakes. You'll find this flippin' brilliant spot in Glasgow and if you're a die hard pancake fan, you won't find yourself anywhere else but Stack & Still on March 5th. Boasting all kinds of dishes, you can build your own mountain of joy at this quicky spot on Shrove Tuesday but you can also order from their extensive menu that includes random toppings like Haggis bon bons, beer gravy and vanilla sweetened ricotta.

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If you thought a mini truckload of Nutella was as exciting as it got for Pancake Day, boy oh boy you thought wrong. STK have gone above and beyond this year and they're so proud of what they've created that you can order it all week long. All Berries is definitely one for your Instagram feed, constructed with Cointreau sabayon, a rum flambe banana and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream but you can gobble up a savoury Mexican-inspired pulled pork enchilada crepe, or a chicken pot pie and asparagus crepe gratin if you can't take all that sugar.

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The Breakfast Club are untouchable when it comes to Pancake Day - they specialise in breakfast for goodness sake, how could they not - and this year they're taking things to the next level. They have five specials for you to take on, and each one is just as bizarre as the last. There's the apple pie, the ringer stinger, the peanut butter and jelly, the Jack Duckworth and last but not least, the big stack. That last one is replicates an actual Big Mac to celebrate the burgers 50th anniversary that took place last year. It comes sandwiched together with pancakes, a double beef patty, cheese, shredded lettuce, special sauce, pickles and a handful of sesame seeds. The definition of a happy meal? You betcha.

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Okay, you might not be able to tuck into this glorious stack on actual Pancake Day but you can tuck into it every single Saturday at The Little Blue Door, which is way better, surely. This gigantic dish is a whopping 25 pancakes tall, and smothered in all sorts - from salted caramel ice cream to chocolate ganache, and it's big enough to feed five people. Five people. Deemed the tallest pancake stack in London, it's more than worth adding to your bucket list.

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How do you like your pancakes? If it's with a heap of booze you need to visit The Diner. Their black forest stack is a force to be reckoned with, built with creme de cassis, cherry compote, whipped cream and a heavy shower of chocolate shavings. But if you're trying to be good, there are loads of others to choose from, like a vegan mint chocolate stack, apple and cinnamon, and there's even a one-off shake being served on the day that tastes just like the American dessert, s'mores.

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If you're vegan, then you'll love munching on this delicious vegan pancake from by CHLOE. This oat, hemp and banana pancake comes topped with maple butter and whipped coconut cream, and you can opt to eat-in or takeaway. Yum.

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Smith & Wollensky are offering a flipping brilliant pancake eating contest, where you'll be tasked with eating your own height in pancakes in an hour. If you can do it, you can walk away for free, otherwise you'll pay £1 per pancake.

For more information on London’s best pancakes and great crepes across the UK, visit DesignMyNight and follow them on Instagram and Facebook; @DesignMyNight.

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