Will Danny O’Donoghue be coming back to The Voice UK?

Danny O’Donoghue has hinted that he’d be interested in making a return to The Voice UK.

Danny ODonoghue

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The Script frontman was on the BBC singing competition for two series before he quit the coaching panel last year.

“I loved doing it, I loved being on the show,” he told Digital Spy.

“Obviously it's not just me, I'm in a band, and our band has gone on to bigger and better things since the show, but if I was asked back, you never know.”

Danny was replaced by Kaiser Chief’s star, Ricky Wilson, while Kylie Minogue’s spot was taken by Rita Ora.

It’s not just Danny who misses the show however, as original judge Jessie J recently admitted she would love to make a return too after leaving last year.

“I miss doing The Voice,” she admitted to Q Magazine.

“It’s this time of the year that they film it, so winter days remind me of doing the show. But who knows? It might not be that long until I’m back on The Voice. Wink, wink!”

Jessie wants to come back too
Jessie wants to come back too

Danny also revealed he credited the talent show for building on his confidence after admitting he used to be quite nervous on TV.

He added: “What it did for me is that it really calmed my nerves when it comes to big events and television shows, because I was always really nervous going on to those shows because it's like, 'It's The Voice!' or, 'It's X Factor!'

“But just being a part of the show you realise that everybody just wants to make a great show - nobody's there to make a fool out of anybody or anything else. They just want to make a great show and have a happy time and go home.”

Indeed, Danny.

The next series of* The Voice UK*, where Ricky and Rita make their judging debuts alongside original coaches will.i.am and Tom Jones is set to hit our screens next year.


rita ora wacky outfits

Flare for errr...1 of 10

Flare for errr...

Taking 70s styling a tad too far at the BBC Radio 1 studios last month.

Multi-cray2 of 10


When Rita signed up to promote her own adidas designs she was SERIOUS. Look at all of that COLOUR.

Uh-oh3 of 10


Someone's being a mega rebel! That naughty word + her Kim K hair + the confused print = WOW.

Bed style4 of 10

Bed style

Feeling chilly but can't find your cardi? Chuck on the dog's blanket a la Rita.

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Subtle just isn't in Ora's vocab. This OTT pink cloud look was something else entirely.

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She's pants!

At least she's wearing undercrackers, eh?

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Magic eye

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Not so innocent

Who really needs a massive backpack when performing onstage? Also, those trousers... Net curtains or what?

rita-ora-bad-fashion-1010 of 10


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