Woman Crush Wednesday: Taylor Swift

Let's celebrate #WCW with the lady we love the most this week


by Jen Crothers |
Published on

Hands up who doesn't have a crush on Taylor Swift right now? NO-ONE. If you raised your arm in the slightest then we suggest you go and take a long, hard look at yourself.

Whether it's walking out of the gym looking flawless on a daily basis, walking around with her cat Olivia Benson draped over her arm or the fact she's managed to sell 1.3 million copies of her new album, 1989, in a week, Taylor is bascially the goddess of absolutely everything and we're BEYOND on board with it all. She's funny, she's clever, she's gorgeous and you know if you had a night out together, she'd take you out somewhere nice, pay for your chips afterwards and put you carefully in a taxi home. Ergo, Taylor Swift = the perfect woman.

Here are just a few reasons why we are crushing all over the undesputed Queen Of The World.

She stalks her fans:

(Stalk us please, Taylor. We give you full permission.)

She's got the best cats in all of the world:

She takes the mick out of herself - like that time she questioned whether she was Avicii's twin:

And lets not forget she's a total BABE. We're totally smitten, so thanks for that.

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