A woman’s selfie is confusing the internet and WT actual F

Move over, The Dress


by Anna Sky Hulton |
Published on

We all love an optical illusion and this latest selfie taken in a mirror is perplexing the Internet big time!

A Twitter user known as Marisol from Spain, posted a photo of herself taken in a mirror and it's got the Internet very confused.

Marisol posted two photos of herself looking in a mirror saying, 'yea i just combined vertical and horizontal stripes' [sic]. The photos shows Marisol with what looks like with two VERY thin legs, and attracted 40K hearts and 7.3K retweets at the time of writing.

She then followed up those photos with another, where she had added two 'feet' to the bottom of her apparently super thin legs! She captioned this third photo, 'no i don’t look like this' [sic].

Continuing in popularity Marisol quickly gained a lot of attention with 25K hearts and 5.3K retweets.

At first glance Marisol's legs DO look very thin, but on closer inspection it becomes obvious that her 'thin' legs are actually just one leg with a white stripe down the side.

Marisol's tweets quickly attracted a lot of attention with many people also seemingly confused by her ultra skinny legs. One user said, 'OMG YOUR LEGS AJDHAJ MY HEART DROPPED' [sic], with another saying, 'i thought this was those skinny edits' [sic].


Don't worry though, the subject of these deceptively very thin legs has proved that she has average sized legs. Her Twitter profile links to her Instagram page where she has posted a number of photos showing her legs from the front!

Last month** Vanity Fair** published a photo which also had a lot of people talking for the wrong reasons. The full photo featured Jessica Chastain, Robert De Niro, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Harrison Ford, Zendaya, Michael Shannon, Tom Hanks, Gal Gadot, Nicole Kidman, Graydon Carter and Claire Foy looking amazingly glamorous for the Hollywood Issue.

However, it seems whoever was editing the photo got a bit carried away as many have spotted that they gave Reese Witherspoon an extra leg and Oprah Winfrey an extra hand.

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