The X Factor Best Bits; Including Andrea as MILEY CYRUS

Judge it. Do it. Don’t even think


by Ellen Kerry |

This week we had the incredible Francine Lewis (Mel B, Cheryl and Darcey Bussell) and our lovely sofa buddy Chau chatting all things The X Factor!

It was sort-of-all-change on the judging panel tonight because… Simon wore a black shirt! Cheryl’s boobs got frosted and Mel B’s Babylon’s were iced. Louis…well…

Santa Got sexy


We LOVE Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas and Fleur can certainly belt it out but we weren’t massive fans of her latex ensemble. A bit 50 Shades for us….


Lauren Platt took on the mega tune that is East 17’s Stay Another Day and, we think, nailed it. What do you recks, Brian Harvey?

Santa Baby…

When the judges were chatting about Santa Simon INSISTED he had been a very good boy for 2041. Who are we to argue?

Dermot Does Fam

SRSLY, when we see videos of Dermot O’Leary with the contestants family members we literally die. He is the sweetest probs EVER. And he sang the song from Home Alone sigh.


Who else did an OMGeeeee! When n they spied Simon sans white shirt tonight? Does he have laundry days JUST LIKE US?


Andrea took on Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball brilliance and blasted it. BUT he didn’t ride a big boulder naked. This might go against him.


When critiquing Lauren Simon said he should just let go and go wild. We’d REALLY like to see Simon doing that please. Balls Andrea made Miley Cryrus’ Wrecking Ball a work of total beauty that made even out mum break out a tear.

Here's what our sofa's pals thought...

And here are the BIG 5 things from this week!

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