The X Factor’s Anton Stephans: ‘I’ll work on not looking like a crazy axe man’

Probably not a bad idea…

Anton Stephans The X Factor

by Anna Lewis |
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If you’ve been watching this year’s X Factor, you’ll definitely remember Anton Stephans.

He’s the charismatic Over who…well…. he sort of looks like a crazy person.


    But he’s admitted that himself, and even says he’s working on looking less like a serial killer when he sings.

    Anton said: "It's [all about] being honest and saying, 'Look, there are things that might need fixing'," he said. "And that might be true. I did have a look at the first audition tape – and I hate watching myself on television.

    "All those things that you think are really cool, the way you walk and the way you do something, you suddenly look at it on TV and go, 'Oh my God! What on earth do you think you're doing? Oh no! No, no, don't do that, don't say that!' You think, 'God, you sound quite posh', and I'm not!

    "It's all those sorts of things that you think about yourself, that you think are quite cool actually turn out not to be cool. I look at those things, look at myself, and think, 'OK, it is me, I'm 45 years old, I've lived this far so there must be people who love and care for me, and if people think my eyes are a little bit nutty… I kind of agree a little bit!' So I'm really going to work really hard at not looking like a crazy axe man."

    Anton – who will head to Simon's Judges’ Houses after winning a seat in last night’s Six Chair Challenge – joked about Simon being used to people with Botox when he was told he makes bizarre faces when he sings.


    "I didn't get sassy with Simon! But I think that's true – I think sometimes if you are in an environment where things are one way, that can become your norm and if you're not and if you're faced with that suddenly, it can be different and strange to you.

    "It doesn't make it bad, it just makes it different. But I also take on board what he said, because he's an incredibly smart man and if he says, 'Jump', you need to say: 'How high?'"

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