The X Factor’s Only The Young split – and engage in EPIC Facebook spat

Pass the popcorn, please.

by Georgina Terry |
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Only The Young, the most Waitrose band we ever did hear, have broken up.

Hold us.

The band spent three years together, forming in 2012 and coming in seventh place in The X Factor 2014.

But why have they split up? WHY?

Well, it depends on who you listen to.


Parisa Tarjomani has released a statement via her blog saying that she’s left the band.

“It is with great sadness that I have to announce that I am leaving Only The Young.

“Those who have followed our journey over the past three years know that this project meant an awful lot to me and this is not an easy thing for me to do…

“When I started the band I wanted to create something different & unique – and I think we achieved that. Performing at Summer Time Ball, X Factor Live Shows, doing our own Headline Tour, hearing our first single on the radio – those are memories that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

“I brought in 3 other people to a project that I truly believed in and I thank them all for the memories we’ve created together. Betsy, Charlie & Mikey, I wish you every success in the future and have had some of the best times of my life with you, which I will never forget.”

But did Parisa leave the band? Not according to Betsy-Blue English.

The good times are over. OVER! :(

The singer took to her Facebook account to accuse Parisa of lying, and said:

“Just want you all to know the truth. As you have all been so loyal to us I feel you deserve better. We have been deciding how to tell you guys that the band was coming to an end for a while - no one decided to just leave. Some people just wanted to give you that impression. But anyway - We haven't tweeted for a while as we were actually all deciding what to do. I've had an amazing 3 years and I love every one of you dearly. I hope you continue on my journey filled with more music, acting and modelling…”

Then Betsy’s mum and grandma got involved, telling off people who accused Betsy of lying.

Betsy’s mum:

Alison young: Betsy's mum

Betsy’s grandma:

Angela Judith Peake: Betsy's grandma

Mikey Bromley has also been on Twitter, opening an account the same day that the news of the split broke.

Looks as though Luke Friend has been cheering him up. Lucky Mikey.

Fourth Only The Young, Charlie George, has maintained a dignified silence on social media. So far.

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