The 10th anniversary Keeping Up With The Kardashians trailer is here

It's so EXTRA

keeping up with the kardashians

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2007 was a pretty big year. The arrival of the iPhone changed our selfie game forever, we first met the scheming and socially elite Gossip Girl gang, (and, frankly, our social lives have never been the same), and our obsession with all things Kardashian well and truly kicked off.

Keeping Up With The Kardashian's premiered on 14 October 2007 and admittedly we were too busy daydreaming about our new crush Chuck Bass to realise just how much of an impact Kris Jenner and her brood of Kardashian-Jenner kids would have on the world (absolutely no exaggeration).

keeping up with the kardashians

At the time, Kim was still running around after Paris Hilton, Kendall and Kylie were in primary school and Rob was actually a bit of a hunk. Seriously.

10 years on (TEN YEARS!!!) and a lot has changed.

To mark the show's 10th anniversary, a KUWKT special is set to air on E! on Sunday 24thSeptember, while season 14 kicks off on 1st October in the US.

The girls took to Instagram to share a teaser for the anniversary series and it's so freaking extra, we're OBSESSED.

The clip - which starts with Momager Kris in a private helicopter, naturally - re-creates the original season one trailer, but with some 2017 updates.

Kendall's backstage at a fashion show, Kylie's bossing it around in a Lamborghini, Khloe's in the gym working out and Kourtney's strutting about next to a pool, before they rush to join Kris for the opening credits photoshoot.

Kim's the centre of attention, obv. She's late to the party after being drenched head-to-toe in diamantes. Classic.

Rob and Caitlyn are missing, for obvious reasons.

Watch it here:

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