13 Reasons Why stars discuss the potential of a second series

There ARE a lot of unanswered questions


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Unlike us, you might not have found the time to have binged watched the whole series of Netflix show 13 Reasons Why yet, but you definitely haven't escaped all the hype. It's literally everywhere. There's cast dating rumours, some MH organisations are not happy about the show's portrayal of mental health, and actor Dylan Minnette revealed that people are leaving creepy messages on his car.

Many fans have argued that, due to the nature of the show, there shouldn’t be a second series.

However, the show's finale contained many cliff-hangers, asked questions that were left unanswered and even the cast have already been discussing the possibility of a second series.


In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly Dylan Minnette (Clay) revealed "I honestly did not realise how much was going to be left open at the end.

"I think that there’s potential to know more about these characters and I think that there are good stories to be told. I also feel like if that was the ending, it’s also a beautiful way to end it."

Brian d’Arcy James (Hannah's father) added that a second series could be a way to explore what's next for Hannah's parents.

"I would love [a season 2]. There’s certainly a lot more road to be travelled in terms of where the Bakers go from here.

"That to me is a very interesting story, in terms of having to deal with that loss, deal with that grief, and channel it and try to make peace with it — or not. These are huge, huge questions and huge hurdles for people to have to deal with. And I think the depiction of that is interesting to follow. Not to mention all the other storylines with the kids and where people are going near the end of the season. I would love to see a next page."

Ross Butler (Zach) is also on board: "I’m hoping for a second season. I think there’s so much more to tell. I’m just crossing my fingers."

No one involved in 13 Reasons Why claim to have no idea what's happening when it comes to commissioning a second series so y'all have to just wait and see.

Do you think there should be?


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