Another 13 Reasons Why star has defended the show

The Netflix drama has been hit with a whole lot of controversy

13 reasons why

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13 Reasons Why is the TV show we, the entire heat office, and pretty much the whole world haven’t been able to shut up about in the last few months – and for good reason.

The Netflix show has been a massive hit with viewers, and has opened up a huge conversation on the subjects of suicide, mental health and sexual assault.

Miles Heizer 13 Reasons Why

But it has also been hit with a huge amount controversy about the way in which it deals with these difficult subjects, and has been criticised by many members of the public and mental health organisations.

Christian Navarro, who plays Tony, has defended the show against claims that it glamourises suicide.

Speaking to PEOPLE, he said: “I think they’re not watching the same show. When we were working on it, we had tons of mental health experts on set at all times, our producers were very diligent on making sure that the tone was inclusive and helpful and not harmful.”

tony 13 reasons why

He continued: “I think there’s always going to be controversy. I respect their opinion, especially when it comes from a place of trying to protect their kids. I think they should listen to their children though, this is happening right now all over the world in high schools. I think the parents should watch it with them.”


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