5 movies that make for a perfect summer night in

Summer is almost over, so settle down and watch these fantastic flicks


by Laurence Mozafari |

Sadly the summer is coming to a close. BOO! Yes, that is very "BOO", that news is very worthy of a "BOO", but unfortunately despite our name - it's heatworld btw, come on keep up - we can't control the marvels of space and time, or how hot the planet Earth is. So alas, we can't make summer continue any longer.

HOWEVER, we can suggest a whole bunch of ace movies which you can chill out and watch as the summer nights come to a close, these flicks are all about space and time*, and we reckon they're a pretty decent way to spend an evening now that the sun has well and truly buggered off to warmer countries and you've squandered all of your money on selfie sticks and Birkenstocks.

*You still won't be able to control space and/or time after you've watched them. Just let that dream go, bud.

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2006Christopher Nolan's last 'little' movie concerned warring stage magicians (Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) in late 19th century London, but was less a period thriller than a stealth sci-fi. In some ways, it can also be seen as a metaphor for his film-making philosophy: keep the magic practical, don't give away how you do your tricks, and stay well away from 'real' magic (ie CGI)...Read Empire's review of The PrestigeBuy the film now

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