6 things that didn’t EXIST way back when Geordie Shore first started

Some are pretty surprising, TBH

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We can't really imagine a world without Geordie Shore.

We're not sure what we'd do without our Geordie injection on Tuesday nights AND we'd definitely feel waaaay worse about our Saturday nights if we didn't have these loons to make us feel so much better about our pretty average antics.

So in celebration of our fave reality telly show turning the grand old age of FIVE this year, and the news that the WHOLE cast (well, most of 'em) are reuniting for A Big Birthday Battle series, we bring you five things that didn't exist when Geordie Shore was catapulted onto our screens…


holly and charlotte geordie shore makeup

Yep, contouring was myth and legend back in those days.

The Geordie crew had to rely on A LOT of bronzer and blusher to even try and change the shape of their face or carve out the definition of their cheekbones.

It's safe to say that our lasses' faces are WAY more defined these days, with Chloe doing her best Kylie Jenner impression on the reg:

"I f*cking love contouring! Even though I'm shite, I still try and do it. I don't even blend properly but I don't care," she said recently.

Lip fillers and Botox

Well they existed, but they were $$$ and a pretty scary prospect. But thanks to the Geordies' bank accounts growing even bigger and lip fillers becoming waaaay more accessible, the girls just can't help themselves when it comes to plumping their pouts.

holly and charlotte geordie shore makeup

Charlotte Crosby and Holly Hagan are probably the biggest culprits, but Holly has slammed reports that she has had even more recently:

"I am a fan. I haven't had lip fillers for a very long time, even though everyone tells me that I have."


We had to rely on tabloids to bring us the whereabouts of our fave Geordies back in the times when Snapchat wasn't even thought of. Now we can follow their every move and every naked selfie on Snapchat instead.

charlotte crosby sexy boobs instagram



Selfies didn't even really exist back then unless you were Kim K BUT now we look to the WHOLE cast for selfie-inspiration on the daily.

Boy, they're rather good at it.

One Direction

As Marty McKenna hilariously points out, One Direction were only on the brink of starting out when Geordie Shore launched:

"F*ck knows what I'd do without One Direction now, they're my favourite band in the world."

Niall Horan has even confessed he is a fan of the show and has even been out on the Toon with none other than Scotty T.

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Daniel Thomas-Tuck is pretty sure having a cheeky tug was way more of an effort five years ago.

"I don't think RedTube was around. You had to go on Google Images to blast one out."


Watch the cast reminisce RIGHT HERE:

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