Adele’s ‘Hello’ video in sign language- and it’s beautiful!

Adele’s music is even stunning in sign language!

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by Fiona Day |
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Imagine not being able to hear Adele’s BEAUTIFUL voice?

Luckily, the UK-born singer’s heart-wrenching lyrics translate.

A sign language interpreter has translated Adele’s lyrics into American Sign Language and the results are amazing.

The video has already had 237 million views, proving that Adele’s music truly does transcend beyond anything we’ve ever heard/read before.

Interpreter Molly Lou Bartholemew shared the video on her YouTube channel, writing: “I have dedicated this channel to my number one passion in life, artistic/theatrical interpreting in ASL.

“I have worked very hard on keeping these songs as conceptually accurate as possible… I hope you enjoy.”

Check out the video for yourself below:

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