Alex Bowen shares a SHOCKING secret about the Love Island contestants’ phones


Alex Bowen Love Island

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Just when we thought Love Island couldn't shock us any more - what with all its make-ups, break-ups and shake-ups, Alex Bowen off of last year's series has gone and dropped an absolute bombshell we can't quite believe.

So you know the phones each of the islanders have to receive messages from the producer-types? Well - according to Alex - they're actually a bit shite and don't even work.

No need to worry about 'em connecting to an open external wifi with no password then, eh?

Alex Bowen Love Island

Asked if he ever kept any of the selfies from his time on the island by new! magazine, Alex admitted the phones 'never worked.' He said: "I took quite a lot of selfies, but the phones were awful. Ours never worked."

Well this changes everything, doesn't it? Still, they must get the messages 'cause we doubt even Brad Pitt could act so shocked when finding out some of the drama going down in Palma right now.

Watch below: Where are the Love Island lot now?

We'll tell you who can take a lot of selfies, though; DOM LEVER AND JESSICA SHEARS. They've reunited for the first time since being dumped from the island and have been looking all kinds of cute in London.

Are we thinking they'll last? We're optimistic, which is more than can be said for the bookies tbh.

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What d'ya make of that, then? Give us a tweet over @heatworld, if you fancy. Cheers pal.


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