Alyssa Milano’s sex tape ‘leaked’



by Olivia Cooke |
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It’s the phone call every celebrity dreads getting from their furious, sweating agent.

“Remember that sex tape you made while drunk off your face on vacation? Well, it’s leaked on to the goddamn Internet.”

Lucky for Charmed actress Alyssa Milano, this isn’t quite what happened when her sex tape hit the web.

As you’ll see the whole thing is actually a spoof designed to educate viewers about the situation in Syria. How can a joke sex tape have anything to do with Syria you ask? Just watch…

Alyssa Milano Sex Tape from Alyssa Milano

Alyssa “leaked” the clip herself yesterday after tweeting: “My sex tape was leaked. Not sure what to say. Going to post the link myself to try to control the situation.”

The politically conscious actress has tweeted about the situation in Syria previously and has also shared details on how we can all help by donating to UNICEF.

Very clever Alyssa and Funny Or Die. Very clever indeed.

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