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Amber Davies

by Alycia Bowen and Millie Hurst |

If you're anything like us, the end of Love Island 2017 left a huge hole in your life, and you're still kinda missing the familiar faces of the contestants.

Amber Davies definitely caused some drama on her way to being crowned the winner of 2017's series alongside her now-ex-boyfriend, Kem Cetinay.

But it's fair to say she was sometimes a bit of an enigma. So who is the real Amber Davies? Let's get to know the Welsh dancer and find out what she's been up to since winning the show.

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Who is Amber Davies?

The self-confessed “dating queen” Amber is a dancer from South Wales, and describes herself as “very down to earth”.

She also explains: “I’m not fake, I’m very real and that’s what all my friends like about me”.

How old is Amber Davies?

Amber's birthday is 4th October 1996, which makes her currently 22.

What is Amber’s job?

Before the show, Amber was a dancer and she has also worked as an entertainer in London’s famous circus themed nightclub, Cirque Le Soir. She's performed on stage as well, and has even previously sung on The X Factor.

In 2018, Amber landed a job on the West End in the musical about Dolly Parton's life, '9 To 5', which premiered in February 2019, with Amber taking the main role of Judy Burnley.

What's Amber Davies doing now?

As well as her role in the Dolly Parton show, Amber landed herself a deal with lingerie chain, Boux Avenue and online boutique, Motel Rocks.

Are Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay still together?

The winning Love Island couple of 2017 unfortunately split just a few months after leaving the villa, announcing that they'd broken up in November 2017.

"With sadness, we’ve decided to separate," the former couple said in a statement to MailOnline. "We fell in love in the villa and want to thank all the fans of the show for supporting us. We still have a lot of love for each other and will remain good friends."

A friend of the couple also confirmed the news, explaining that their increased workload and busy schedules since leaving the villa had put a lot of pressure on Kember, and they realised they "wanted different things".

"They’ve been at each other’s necks for the past month," the pal revealed to The Sun shortly after the split. They’ve clashed over the smallest things. It’s also been very hard for them to see each other with their hectic schedules."

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What brought Amber to Love Island?

Although before coming on the show, Amber claimed that she loved to date, she said that she was often too busy to pursue a real relationship. “I work, work, work and guys ask me on a date and I think to myself ‘well, even if it goes well, when can I schedule in the next date?’ I over think a lot, so usually avoid it and just focus on work."

Amber Davies

But after a summer in the Love Island villa, she had little else to focus on apart from love (and topping up her already enviable tan, of course), and found herself the wonderful Kem Cetinay.

Who did Amber Davies couple up with on Love Island?

So it all began for Amber with Harley, then she and Kem had a solid four week run coupled up together.

Then there was Casa Amore and all the dramz that ensued there, and Amber coupled up with Nathan.

Next Georgia came in and shook EVERYONE when she chose to couple up with Kem.

Aaand, finally, Kember were reunited for the last week. Yaaay!

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What is Amber’s dating history?

The young beauty had two relationships before Kem, one lasting six years throughout school who she claims she still has chemistry with.

Both of her past flames still follow her on social media, despite being in new relationships themselves, and Amber has apparently “definitely broken hearts”.

Refusing to kiss and tell, Amber’s claim to fame is that she may have slept with a “big name”.

Amber Davies

What's Amber Davies' Instagram?

For show-stopping selfies and an insight into her life of cocktails, clubbing and beaches, follow Amber on Instagram at @amb_d.

What's Amber Davies' Twitter?

Follow Amber Davies on Twitter @Amber_Davies7.



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