Ant and Dec reveal their top five Saturday Night Takeaway moments

They celebrate their 100th episode this weekend

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Award-winning TV presenters Ant and Dec celebrate their 100th episode of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway this weekend. To celebrate this milestone they have revealed their top five Saturday Night Takeaway moments of all time and we have to admit they are pretty incredible moments.

**5) Abseiling for Ant Versus Dec **

With two people deciding on a top five it is always difficult, but the presenting duo agreed that their abseiling down a building for** Ant Versus Dec** was one of their top five. Ant said, "I love anything that involves heights and danger and potential death!"

Dec continued, "I remember when we first abseiled down the building and as you went down you got to peer into all the windows and it was really interesting. I just remember thinking how messy some people’s desks were!"

4) Get Out of Me Ears with Richard Madeley

Dec revealed another of his favourite moments was Get Out of Me Ears with Richard Madeley. He went on to explain, he had photographers coming around to his house to talk about doing a calendar. We made him take a shine to a photographer’s shoes and try them on, then dip his toe into the swimming pool to see how warm it was, still wearing the shoes. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my entire life. He’s a genius."

3) Michael Buble with Lewis Hamiton for the End of the Show Show

Another top five moment for the duo was Michael Buble going across to the pub with Lewis Hamiton for the End of the Show Show. Ant said he thought which was top five because it was "so different and memorable".

2) Series finale in Disneyworld Florida

Dec then went on to say that he really enjoyed last year’s series finale in Disneyworld Florida. "That was amazing. Doing our finale with the castle in the background was something we’d wanted to do for a long time and that’s definitely a top five moment," he explained.

Watch the moment here:

1) Undercover with Simon Cowell

Ant revealed his top moment was Undercover with Simon Cowell. Ant explained, "It was the first one we ever did - we flew to LA and auditioned for American Idol, which was really nerve wracking. Also the prosthetic make-up didn’t turn up so we had to do dodgy beards and stick-on earrings but it worked."

Watch the moment below:

Not only was one Get Out of Me Ears one of their favourite moments in the show, is also Ant and Dec's favourite segment. When Ant was asked what his favourite segment is he replied, "I think for sheer fun, I think Get Out Me Ear, because you never know what’s going to happen. We have an idea of what we’re going to do but it always goes off on a tangent. We just laugh a lot. So in terms of a day of filming, that’s the most fun, I think."

With Dec agreeing, "Yes, and for the live studio segments I do love doing Audience hits."

See Ant and Dec's career timeline in our gallery below:


Ant and Dec career timeline

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And & Dec: Early career

Ant & Dec as PJ and DuncanIn 1989 Dec landed a part on BBC children's drama Byker Grove, playing Duncan. A year later Ant was cast as PJ – PJ and Duncan was born.Another career change for the boys came in 1994, when they began as co-presenters of children's show Gimme 5 on CITV. Just a year later they landed their own programme, The Ant & Dec Show, this time on CBBC.

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And & Dec: Early career

Ant & Dec became popstarsIt wasn't just acting for the boys: PJ & Duncan were pop stars for a while, and became best known for their 1994 UK top 10 Let's Get Ready to Rhumble.Their last studio album, The Cult of Ant and Dec, was released in 1997, managing to chart at number 15.

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And & Dec: Early career

Ant & Dec hosted SMTV and CD with Cat DeeleyThis kicked off their kids' TV careers, and landed them their first BAFTA Awards.After various other presenting gigs, Ant & Dec started hosting ITV's Saturday morning shows SMTV and CD , alongside Cat Deeley, in 1998.But, in 2001, they made the move from Saturday morning to prime time – for a little show called Pop Idol…

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Ant & Dec: Primetime career

They hit the prime time with talent show Pop IdolThey presented Pop Idol for two years, before it replaced with The X Factor and Kate Thornton took over.This gave them the opportunity to create and present Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, which is about begin its 13th series.In 2002, a year after Saturday Night Takeaway's debut, the boys joined I'm a Celebrity and have become huge parts of the show.

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Ant & Dec: Britain's Got Talent

Establishing themselves as the busiest presenters in the country, Ant & Dec signed up for Britain's Got Talent in 2006 – and a year later signed a two-year golden handcuffs deal with ITV, which was thought to be worth £40 million.They have been hosting the show ever since, and are currently filming for the twelfth series of the show.

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Ant & Dec: Awards

Among their numerous gongs, Ant & Dec have received the National Television Award for Most Popular Entertainment/TV Presenter for 15 years running. Most recently, at the 2018 NTAs, the duo won Best Presenter.

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Ant & Dec: Friendship

Ant previously revealed his friendship with Dec started in 1990, when he sent him a Christmas card and invited him to a football match.He said: "And that was that. It just happened immediately. We clicked. We'd spend all day making each other laugh and annoying everyone and quoting Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer lines to each other."When their parts were written out of Byker Grove, the boys vowed to stick together. Dec told Weekend magazine: "We made a pact. We said to each other, 'Look, whatever happens, I'll always be there for you and you're never in this life on your own or against the world – you've always got a mate looking out for you."Even though they work together, Ant & Dec make sure they go out together at least once a week – and even live three doors apart in London!Dec said: "It's our choice to socialise outside work. And we both get to go to work with our best mate every day. And that keeps our feet on the ground."Ant added: "We love each other, definitely."

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Ant & Dec: Relationships

In 2015 Dec married his longtime manager Ali Astall and Ant was, of course, best man. And in July 2006, Dec acted as best man at Ant's wedding to make-up artist Lisa Armstrong. Ant and Lisa, however, filed for divorce this month after 11 years of marriage.

Last weekend saw the new series of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway hit our screens with special appearances from Olly Murs and Kylie Minogue. However, there were two members of the series who were missing this time around - Little Ant and Dec.

A source told the Daily Star, "Little Ant and Dec have outgrown the role, quite literally, and as such won't be returning to the show this year."

**Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway **continues on ITV on Saturday 3rd March.

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