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First Dates

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Obsessed with the First Dates restaurant and fancy finding love the Fred Serieux way? The show is currently casting for new daters! And you - yes, YOU - could be involved!

First Dates application stage 1: fill in an application form

While the casting process in its entirety is fairly involved, the initial application is quite straightforward. Just go here to fill in a two-page application form. Then, a team of 12 in the casting department sort through everything and, if you’re an interesting prospect, they may give you a call to clarify some more points.

Apart from answering questions such as whether you drink (no comment), your height (crack the tape measure out), and three things you enjoy doing in your spare time (apart from drinking and measuring yourself), you also need to provide a photo. So, get scrolling through Facebook and find a good one - probably go for something that really shows people what you look like, rather than just a massive picture of your eye. Or the back of your head. Or hiding behind your dog.

Make sure your social media accounts are on point

Also, according to the Mail Online, the team will do a lot of online stalking to make sure you’re who you say you are. And to get a better picture of you. So, if you’re on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, know that you’re probably getting checked out!

If you get through that first stage, you’ll be in with a chance of either being a featured dater or a background dater. Check the box on the form that says “Are you happy to be contacted about going on a date in the First Dates restaurant even if you are only featured in the background within the programme?” to ensure that, while you won’t be on the telly, you’ll still be matched with someone the team think might just be perfect for you. Yep, everyone in the restaurant is on a first date! - even if you don’t hear about it!

In a way, getting matched and not having to embarrass ourselves on TV sounds like the preferred option, considering what we’re usually like on dates. But still.

First Dates application stage 2: the audition tape

If you get through the first stage, then you’ll be invited to do a 20 minute on-camera audition tape at the studios. Then your details will go up on a match board, the producers will watch the tape and decide in their weekly (and apparently quite passionate) match meetings, who you’d be best suited to.

First Dates application stage 3: face to face interview

Once you’ve been discussed by the casting directors and producers, and it’s clear they want you on the show, there’ll be a face to face interview with one of the producers so they can really get an idea of what sort of person to match you with. And back you go to the match meetings (which, according to various behind-the-scene interviews, can get quite passionate!), but thankfully, you won’t be there…

 First Dates application stage 4: go on the date!

The final round is, of course, the date itself! Because, in a way, the only prize we're looking for is true love, and you won't know that til you've done it. Also, fun fact, all the producers sit in the car park underneath the restaurant in front of a wall full of screens, and watch their dates with takeaway. There's cheering, there's laughing, and there's unadulterated joy when it goes well. So if you fancy getting involved then get that two page application sent off pronto. Who knows, you may find The One. Or, at the very least, get a compliment at the door and a cocktail of your choice prepared by First Dates bartender Merlin. Worth a bad date, if we’re honest!

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