WOT. Is CBB’s Aubrey O’Day IN LOVE with Stephen Bear?

Err… Probably not, no

Aubrey O'Day

by Polly Foreman |
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The Aubrey O’Day and Renee Graziano V Stephen Bear saga has hands down been one of the most MENTAL Celebrity Big Brother feuds ever.

A couple of episodes ago, we felt weirdly kinda sorry for Bear after they hid his mask (he looooves his mask) and got him so upset that he sat sadly alone in the garden. Aubrey even SQAURED UP TO HIM.

And in last night’s episode, things were still awk AF. Bear was “trying to be nice” and made them a really weird but kinda adorbs heart shaped breakfast, but they then threw it away and the atmosphere was rilly tense.


So imagine our SHOCK when on a video on the Celebrity Big Brother website (yep, we watch them) shows Aubrey basically confess her love for Bear.

Speaking to him in the bedroom, she said: “So I recently did a show called Big Brother in the UK.

“In the house there was this guy. I didn’t think it was anything serious but he just won me over. Also it’s kind of funny because they call him Bear.”


“So this one night, we first got there and he pretended not to notice me, went for an easy thrill. And one night when everyone was watching he confessed his love.”


OK we’re starting to get suspicious now…

“He told me that he’s buy us a magical pony and that we could ride it anywhere we wanted to. He preferred the shower, I had bigger dreams for us.

OK we’re pretty much sure this was part of some game or some task – apparently Bear opens up some sort of “Doctor’s Surgery” for his fellow housemates.


Just IMAGINE if those two got together.

Could that load of crap be based on some sort of deep seated luuuurve?

Probably not, TBH.

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