Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice trailer leaks online

And it's so damn wobbly

by Laurence Mozafari |
Published on

A teaser for a trailer of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice was posted online, but just hours later the full trailer leaked after being filmed on a wobbly camera phone.

So that kinda stole the teaser trailer's thunder, but isn't it ridiculous we have teaser trailers for trailers now? HOW MANY TRAILERS DOES ONE FILM NEED?

The wobbletastic footage comes with Portuguese subtitles and shows the first glimpses of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne - he's looking suitably moody and wearing black. Good.

We see Superman painted as a menace - both by the ominious voiceover and a statue of him, which literally has "false god" painted on its chest.

And we get to see more of Batman's batsuit, batmobile and another flying batplane, which will probably be called something with "bat" in the name.

The non-fuzzy version of the trailer is due to arrive on 20 April. So we recommend waiting until to see the official HD version.

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