Housemates call for Bear, Heavy D and Chloe Khan to be KICKED OUT of CBB

Err… pot / kettle, anyone?


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CBB housemates have called for Stephen Bear, Heavy D and Chloe Khan to be chucked out of the CBB house following Bear and Heavy D's near-fight last night.

Aubrey O'Day and Frankie Grande both said the boys, plus Chloe Khan, should be booted out of the house for their actions.

Um… hypocritical much? Let's not forget that Aubrey SPAT IN BEAR'S sandwich and tea the other day, for which she received a "formal and final" warning from Big Brother, and Bear had to given medical advice. You know, because someone had without his consent shared bodily fluids with him. Grim.

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Aubrey and Frankie were outraged by an altercation that took place in the bedroom when Heavy D advanced menacingly on Bear.

Bear had been being pretty annoying by coming into the bedroom and being loud at 2am but physically trying to intimidate someone is not cool.

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However, while Heavy was ticked off by Big Brother, Bear was given a formal warning for "invading a housemate's space" (putting his foot on Heavy's bed – which is also Bear's bed), and for throwing a mug which smashed a mirror.

Let us be very clear: that is not right and we do not condone it.

But when Bear kicked off in the Diary Room, shouting the odds, and then literally cowered when a security guard of about 7ft tall entered we proper LOLed.

Oh, Bear. Look, we know he's kind of awful but we do love watching him.

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However, we did not love Saira Khan trying to imply that Chloe was to blame for the incident between Heavy and Stephen after she snogged Bear. She has made it entirely plain that she has no interest in Heavy and his continued pursuit of her is bordering on aggressive.

It's funny how no-one cares about Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor now, isn't it? Sorry, guys.

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