Big Brother’s Jayne Connery rushed to hospital after task goes wrong

Oh, Jayne love

Big Brother Jayne

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Oh dear. There's big bother for Jayne Connery in the Big Brother house, again.

Poor Jayne is rushed to taken to hospital when a task she's taking part in goes badly wrong for her.

Everything starts innocently enough.

The housemates are divided into three teams – green, blue and red – and challenged to build a bridge across the pool that will support the weight of one of them.

Jayne is chosen as the blue team's bridge-standing representative and doesn't seem to have much faith in their construction, confessing: "My legs are like jelly!"

Big Brother
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As part of the task, housemates can attempt to dislodge the bridge-tester by throwing water balloons and wet sponges at them, and that's when things go wrong for Jayne.

Jackson Blyton aims a soggy missile at Jayne and it unbalances her,

The other housemates help Jayne out of the pool and, for reasons that are as yet unclear, medics are called in to attend to her.

She's then taken out of the house and to hospital. Blimey.

Jackson, of course, feels hella guilty but come on, how much damage can a wet sponge do? Other than landing somebody in hospital…

Big Brother
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The rest of the house, sympathetically, decide to cheer Jackson up by placing a Jayne doll WITH A SPONGE FOR A HEAD in his bed. Smooth moves, guys. Smooth moves.

But all is not lost for the actual Jayne. She's returned to the house via the Diary Room, where she assures Big Brother that she "is feeling good". Phew!

And when the housemates receive letters from home, Jayne even asks Jackson to read hers out. Sweet.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.

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