Big Brother’s Kayleigh explodes at Arthur in ferocious fight

She was seriously unimpressed with what he had to say

Big Brother Kayleigh Morris

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Big Brother housemate Kayleigh Morris exploded with rage at fellow contestant Arthur Fulford after he belittled her during a heated fight.

In scenes set to air on Channel 5 tonight, Kayleigh can be heard screaming at posh boy Arthur, branding him contradictory.

Former Ex On The Beach contestant Kayleigh hit out at courier Arthur after he spoke about her to another housemate.

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Pointing her finger at Arthur, Kayleigh exclaimed: “I said it to you there earlier on, if you’ve had a problem you should have said earlier on - your perfect opportunity.”

But an arrogant Arthur simply mumbled under his breath: “I’ve literally given my life to women.”

Seeing red, Kayleigh retaliated: “Do you know what, you’re playing some silly little f—king petty game, f—k off. You’ve p—sed me off.”

However, Arthur wasn’t ready to back down, and expanded on his previous comment, saying: “I’ve given my life to women and I’ll tell you right now you’re not a woman. You’re really not. There’s no way women should ever act like you today.”

Big Brother Arthur Fulford

Kayleigh screamed: “So why have you told me every single day how beautiful I am? You’re a contradicting little £$%! F—k off out of my face before I go mad.”

But Arthur just stood and stared at her, prompting Kayleigh to say: “Honestly, leave me the f—k alone. You are playing some silly little game and I actually like you until that second and now you’re saying I’m not a woman? F—k off.”

This is not the first time Arthur has got on the wrong side of his housemates - he upset Joe Quaranta by asking if he wore make-up, he brought Sukhvinder Javeed to tears during a debating task by demanding to know why she believes the earth is flat, and he angered her husband Imran Javeed by refusing to stop graffitiing on a wall in the garden when asked.

Big Brother continues on Channel 5 tonight at 10pm.


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