Britain’s Got Talent: Is this the most SCANDALOUS year yet?

Or are we just way too unfair?

rachel wooding BGT

by Hannah Mellin |
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There hasn't been a scandal-free Britain's Got Talent since the show started way back in 2007, especially with Simon Cowell at the helm, and while many of us are quick to praise the brilliance and pure magical-ness of most contestants - we never shy away from outing the cheats or the misleading acts.

It's part and parcel of entertainment telly, right? Plus it makes us look reeet smug and clever if we spot the slighest mishap.

However, since old Jules, Matisse and Chase won last year and fooled us all by using stunt-doggy-doubles in their winning act, we've been hesitant to believe Britain's Got Talent is as sincere as they say it is.

We've turned into a nation of sceptics.

This year, the problem seems to revolve around certain acts being TOO talented (yeah, really) and not divulging important details of their professional or showbizzy past.

Here are the acts in the firing line. Eeeeeek.

Rachel Wooding

rachel wooding BGT

Rachel well and truly smashed her performance of With You from musical Ghost but despite proving that she has pure and utter talent running like blood through her veins, viewers were still not buying it.

The reason? They think she's famous enough as she's a lengthy West End career, taking up principle role of Scaramouche in We Will Rock You AND landing a role in Coronation Street as Izzy Armstrong's mate Mandy, who went on to have an affair with Kirk Sutherland.

Still, she's bloody amazing – even Scarlett Moffatt from Gogglebox is a fan.

Peter and Shannon Parker

Beau Britain's Got Talent 2016

Despite telling the judges that they had retired from ballet 12 years

ago, many BGT detectives were quick to point out that the couple had competed in 2014's Got To Dance final (a talent competition on Sky1) and labelled them as 'recycled'.

Oh the drama.

Beau Dermott

Beau Britain's Got Talent 2016

Beau won the affections of Amanda Holden after belting out Defying Gravity from Wicked, despite previously appearing as shy as a little mouse backstage with Ant and Dec.

Even Amanda didn't hesitate when she lunged towards her golden buzzer but it turns out that Beau has had a fair few singing lessons, has won a fair few talent competitions and was pretty practiced at the craft…

We don't think any amount of singing lessons could give you a voice like Beau's though.

Jasmine Elcock

Beau Britain's Got Talent 2016

We firmly believed that there couldn’t be anything fishy about Jasmine's completely raw and stripped back version of Cher's Believe, which won Ant and Decs tears AND golden buzzer.

Despite her honest admission that she performed in West End show Annie when she was tiny, the viewers still weren't buying her admission of being "extremely nervous".

Extremely talented, more like.

Colin Henry

Beau Britain's Got Talent 2016

Colin wowed us all with his ability not to pass out while playing the piano UPSIDE DOWN and even blagged to the judges he had achieved a Guinness World Record for his talent.

He didn't. It was all lies.

A spokesperson for Guinness World Records said: "We currently do not recognise this record."


What do you all make of this? Are we just lovers of finding faults or should there be some legit rules and condition? Can you really be too talented for BGT?

If Kevin from Liberty X can win The Voice...

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