BROADCHURCH: So, this is how Alec Hardy’s tinder date ended

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We could say A LOT about the final ever episode of Broadchurch; mainly that it was the most emotional thing we've ever seen in our entire lives and that Ellie Miller is our brand new feminist hero.

Seriously, she's got that 'you're a piece of shit' stare down to a T.

And while the final ever episode of ITV's best ever drama cleared up a lot of pesky plot holes and answered A LOT of grim questions, viewers were pretty miffed that they never found out how DI Hardy's date went down. Remember his secret tinder date back in episode three? That's what we're on about.


Did they have a big old snog? Or did they just say a polite goodbye after dessert?

Thanks to the power of deleted scenes, all has now been revealed.


The clip is "a special parting gift from the Broadchurch team to ITV viewers" and is one of several deleted scenes and audio commentaries that come with the Broadchurch Series 3 DVD.

The cute clip sees Alec and walking Zoe home for their date where they're seen chatting about the case. Cute. Go on, watch for yourselves:

Chris Chibnell, the man behind Broadchurch, has officially said that the show will stop at three series and we won't be seeing Broadchurch back on our screens.

However, there is talk of a BROADCHURCH FILM.

Joe Sims, who played Nigel Carter in the series said that a film adaptation would be “very exciting”.

Yes, yes it would.

He told OK!: "The only thing we’re bound by is the imagination of Chris Chibnall which actually means that we’re bound by nothing.

"If he feels like he’s got a film in him and a story that he’s burning to tell then whether I’m in it, or whether I’m watching it, then it is a story that I can’t wait to hear."

And, speaking about his character, he said: "I love Nige. I love Nige Carter and we’ll have to see but I don’t think the character of Nige is done by a long chalk."



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