Calum Best tells heat: ‘I wanted to rip Perez Hilton’s head off, I love Katie Hopkins to bits and reliving the memory Katie Price spat in my mouth was a bit awkward’

Calum is naughty and cheeky and we love him.


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Speaking to us the morning after his eviction from Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Calum Best starts off by telling us how he’s “slightly hung-over” from the Channel 5 show’s wrap party.

He boasts: “It was a good nigh, a mad night and a mad experience.” Also being the day of his 34th birthday yesterday Calum added about his experience in the house as a whole by saying: “I’m really grateful I did this thing, to show who I was.”

On Katie Price…

The CBB contestant spoke of the moment Katie Price brought up a kiss they’d had in the past and the moment she spat in his mouth. Erm, what?

“When she threw it all on the table I was like ‘oh holy sh*t’ but it was quite admirable and funny at the same time. I have no problem with it and I mean I am known for being naughty in my past. It’s quite funny that we can laugh about it, at the same time slightly awkward, but at the end of the day what I Like about Katie Price is that she will speak her mind.

“You can imagine what I meant by 'she spat in my mouth'”.

On Katie Hopkins…

“I actually love Katie Hopkins to bits. Some of the stuff she says I don’t agree with, and I must say that like loudly. I think she’s a very cool woman, and before I went in the house, although I wasn’t meant to talk about it, I mentioned to a few people at CBB that Katie Hopkins would be terrified of the idea of her going in the house.

“But you know what I like to think I get on with everyone and that I’m a people person. Katie’s outside harshness was really mushy on the inside. I’m going to put her on the spot now but when we were in the house and right before the show was going to end she knew that there was a chance she would walk out of the house and be really liked and she was genuinely nervous and worried about that. And she wasn’t quite prepared at the fact people might cheer, she’s so used to playing this bad guy role, if she needs a wingman I’m the man for the job.

“However I didn’t like when she came out of the house and was talking about ‘Katie Price didn’t deserve’ and all that sort of stuff because I don’t like a sore loser but I got to tell you, you guys see a 45 minutes of the day and the rest of the 16 hours we got along. I’ve got a lot of time for Katie Hopkins."

On his late father, George Best…

“You saw me as a person but maybe I didn’t show myself. I tried to keep my cool, sometimes I didn’t.

“We had a task the day before it ended. It’s tough sometimes to explain where I’m at in my life without having to bring up the past, I don’t want it to sound like I’m beating my own drum and giving it a sympathy story but I must say anyone that said he’d proud then that makes me happy.

“My whole life has been about trying to know who my dad is and figure out our relationship and when he passes there’s not much you can do anymore but try to remember the good times. So if he’s proud then I’m a f***ing happy man. And you know what my mum also showed up at the very end and she showed up with a scarf she knitted for me.”

On Cami Li…

“I have a strong friendship with Cami Li - she’s a good girl. There were awkward times in the house where I was trying to build a friendship with her in the house but she was getting booed. The place (house) kind of overloads your brain as in who you should hang around with and to try and do the right thing. But I just have to go with my experience from the inside and Cami was good to me.

“Some people say we were flirting, so what, I‘m a flirt. It’s in my nature, I can’t help myself. That’s all it is really, she’s a friend and she’ll stay a friend.

“My girlfriend knew where I was at. She knew I had to go in there and do my thing. I didn’t want the pressure for my girlfriend being in the limelight especially as she wasn’t used to it so I kept her away from it. There were people contacting her before I did the show, so I didn’t want to throw her in the deep end.”

On Perez Hilton…

"When you leave the house you don’t care about it anymore but inside the house, I was ready to rip his head off. You think to yourself ‘you’ve come this far’ and you’re trying to do yourself proud. So you either do what you wanna do and ‘kill the guy’ sorry to use the word ‘kill’ but if you do what you want to do in a physical manner then you’re going to lose everything you’ve just worked for.

"So I try to keep my cool and I think I saw some people say ‘oh but we saw you get really heated about it’ and I did get f**_ing heated because no one person should speak to another person like that. And as you saw the guy spoke really badly about a lot of people. He was a real provoker and a real sh_t stirrer and people like that can really ruin the experience you’re having. And I swear I don’t want to be a dick and I’m not a bad person but it’s so bad how one person can create such havoc for everyone else’s experience."

Calum spoke about working on a film about his dad during the last three years called My Best which is due out at the end of March along with a book of his.

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