Why do we never see Caroline Flack in Love Island?

Where's she at?

Caroline Flack Love Island

by Georgina Terry |

Who's the host of this series of Love Island?

Think about it. Think some more.

It's… why, it's Caroline Flack of course!

Although we're not surprised it took a while to get there. It's been so long since we saw her on screen (other than the "This series it's all about the survival of the fittest" line at the start which doesn't even make sense) that we couldn't help but wonder:

What is Caroline's actual job on Love Island?

Caroline Flack Love Island

Caroline was last seen on screen about 10 days ago, and didn't even turn up for the eviction of Malin Andersson.

Instead, Malin received a text telling her she had to leave the villa. Which is terribly modern but a bit harsh.

Caroline herself seems to feel she's become remarkable by her absence, and tweeted:

And fans have begun to comment, saying:

An ITV insider told us: "Caroline will be back to deliver bombshells that will change life in the villa forever."

But not Malin or Zara Holland leaving the show then?

Or Tom Holland's ex Emma-Jane Woodard entering?

Love Island Emma-Jane


Our show source did assure us that Caroline, who apparently has her own accommodation - Caroline's Cabana - on site, will be back this week.

Caroline also confirmed her return, saying:

What's going to happen this week? It must be something huger than huge!

Maybe Javi Shephard, the prince of our hearts, will return.

Javi Love Island

We've already had Marnie Simpson's ex Troy Firth go in, plus Vicky Pattison's ex Alex Bowen and Caroline ignored them.

STOP EVERYTHING. What if Danny Cipriani, Sophie Gradon's ex goes in? Surely the Flack would return to usher him in.

Excuse us, we're just off to breathe in and out of a paper bag.

Love Island continues tonight at 10pm on ITV2.

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