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Despite a UK version initially being talked about way back in 2016, fans of Catfish: The TV Show have had to enjoy the American series over the last decade... until now, that is.

Much to the delight of fans, MTV bosses confirmed a UK version of Catfish was in the works earlier this year, with hosts Julie Adenuga and Oobah Bulter taking the reigns from American hosts Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford.

The show began airing earlier this month, so, in celebration of Catfish UK finally hitting our screens, here's everything you need to know about the show...

When does Catfish UK start?

Catfish UK began airing on Wednesday 21 April.

The show's start date was announced earlier that month when the official Catfish UK Twitter account tweeted, "Click click, who’s there? 👀 Catfish fans, it's time to go fishing in the UK! Join @JulieAdenuga and @Oobahs as they uncover the truth behind the lies - and trust us, things will get CRAZY 🤯 #CatfishUK starts Weds 21st April at 9pm on MTV UK 🎉."

Who are the hosts of Catfish UK?

The UK version of Catfish is hosted by Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler who took over the reins from American hosts Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford.

The show follows the same format as the US version of Catfish, which sees the hosts help viewers track down love interests they’ve met online before discovering if the person they think is their soulmate has been using their real identity or not.

Oobah revealed he was hosting the show on Twitter as he told his followers, “In a ridiculous sequence of events, I’m hosting the first ever series of Catfish UK on MTV with @JulieAdenuga. Excited to travel the country, meet people, & figure out what it is about this moment that makes people feel like they cannot be themselves. Out next month.”

Julie added, "I’m excited by everyone’s excitement! My friends have been gassing me all day! I can’t believe I’m gonna be on telly like dis. WHA!? #CATFISHUK.”

Speaking about hosting the show with Oobah, Julie told The Guardian, “We both care about people – as in the idea of people, society. I couldn’t have picked a better team.”

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How to watch Catfish UK

Catfish UK will air on MTV UK at 9pm every Wednesday evening from 21 April for four hour-long episodes.

In the first episode of the show, Julie and Oobah helped Emma from Brighton who had fallen in love with Harlin, a man who said he's in the navy but they soon uncovered that not all is at it seemed...

Is there going to be a second series of Catfish UK?

Although there's been no official confirmation from MTV on a second series of Catfish UK, Julie shared her hopes to film more episodes in an interview with The Guardian.

She said, "I hope we get to do a season two. I’ve not finished travelling around the UK."

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Catfish: The TV Show first aired on MTV back in 2012, following the release of Nev Schulman's documentary film Catfish in 2010.

Nev was joined by co-host Max Joseph for the first seven series of the show, before former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford took over the role.

Speaking about hosting Catfish UK, filmmaker Oobah Butler said, "It’s wild to me that the person who learned about the internet and deception by watching Catfish with his five brothers and sisters gets to be a part of its latest chapter.

"We live in a moment where everybody’s lives have moved online. I can’t wait to travel around the country, meet people, and use the tools I’ve developed making documentaries, to help them and better understand what it is about society that drives people to feel so inadequate that they cannot be themselves.”

Julie Adenuga added, "As someone who has spent the most part of my career in the bubble of music and entertainment, Catfish UK is my first chance to connect with people in a completely different way, which is really exciting for me! The show is about vulnerability, empathy… and drama! Rule #1: Expect the un-expected!”

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