So THIS is what Bear gave to Saira Khan on her way out of CBB

That sneaky bugger

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Last night we said our goodbyes to Saira Khan when she was evicted from the Big Brother house.

At first it seemed like an ordinary eviction: everyone said "bye"; Stephen Bear was shouting "RUTHLESS" in the background (as usual); Sam Fox teared up.

BUT THEN , Bear sneakily passed something to Saira on her way out.

CBB Bear Saira
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All the other housemates hugged and kissed the Loose Woman but Bear pulled something out of his shirt and put into Saira's hand. It was so sneaky!

Viewers took to Twitter asking what Bear passed Saira, even TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong and Kirk Norcross wondered what it was.

And now Rylan Clark-Neal – Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side presenter - has answered the question that was on all fans' lips, and confirmed that it was coffee.

You know the coffee that everyone thought Bear had wasted on his disgusting cocktail?

CBB Bear
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In Sunday's episode (8 August) we saw Bear create a cocktail with orange juice, apple juice, cornflakes, a banana, 'all' of the coffee and a pineapple in the middle. Frankie Grande – along with the other housemates – didn't see the funny side of Bear wasting the ingredients and finishing off the coffee.

CBB Bear
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We wouldn't find it funny if we were in the house either… But we're not, so we were laughing along with Bear.

But we were shocked when we saw that exact coffee – the one we thought Bear had finished - during Saira's eviction. Saira didn't look that shocked though; she didn't even hesitate when he passed her the coffee.

Hmm, we wonder if she was in on the prank.

And when Saira was at the top of the stairs she turned around with coffee in hand and flipped the bird to her housemates… Rude.

CBB Bear Saira
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But we reckon it was a bit of banter because on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side Rylan Clark-Neal said: "Bear handed (Saira) something to take out of the house – it was a packet of coffee.

"Bear gave Saira the rest of the coffee to take out of the house, but do you know what? She didn't – she left it by the door! It's still in there."

We wonder if the housemates will find out the coffee is still in the house…


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