CBB’s Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear SLEEP TOGETHER


Chloe Khan Stephen Bear

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Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear are shaping up to be our favourite Celebrity Big Brother couple EVER. They are literally inches away from overtaking Chantelle Houghton and Preston from The Ordinary Boys. One more canoodle during a weird pre-teen sleepover dare game and we think they'll swing it.

In tonight's episode, things get seriously steamy between the two. And we mean that quite literally – they share a rilly sexy bath together and roll around snogging. It's borderline porno.

Earlier on, Bear said to Lewis Bloor (still dressed in his purple feather bower, may we add): "It's not that I wanna bang her. It's nice. It's a nice vibe do you know what I mean?"

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Chloe Khan Stephen Bear

He later invites Chloe into the pool, after which she comes out with the greatest line we have ever heard: "I ain't got any knickers on or anything shall I put something on?"

We love her.

You can probably guess Bear's response.

After canoodling in the pool for a little while, they hop into the bath together and canoodle even more. We've watched it many times on the Celebrity Big Brother website and can confirm that it gets HOT. We felt very creepy.

Chloe Khan Stephen Bear

After all this action, we were SHOCKED (and saddened) to hear that Chloe later says in the Diary Room: "Bear is not my kind of guy at all. I just think I need to tell Bear to leave it; it’s too much drama. I obviously won’t share a bed with Bear."


What was even more shocking is that she then proceeds to invite Bear to sleep in her bed after he sets himself down on the floor just by her bed (classic move, Bear).

Chloe Khan Stephen Bear
Chloe Khan Stephen Bear
Chloe Khan Stephen Bear

All this sexy madness continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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