CBB’s Frankie Grande has been sneakily presenting his US fashion show FROM THE DIARY ROOM


Frankie Grande

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Y'know the whole strictly absolutely no contact with the outside world if you're in the Big Brother house thing?

The thing that has literally been a rule since all this madness began back in 2001?

The thing that has in the past got housemates EJECTED from the house (we'll never forget you, Dawn Blake from BB7).

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Well, it seems if you're Ariana Grande's brother this rule doesn't apply to you.

Frankie Grande has somehow managed to present his American fashion show Style Code Live from the Diary Room.

Frankie Grande


He even seems to have managed to get some product placement in there. He's been LOVING his Neutrogena face cleansing wipes, BTW guys.

How has this been happening?

Like, seriously, what even is the point of him being there is he's just carrying on with his life as normal?

In the slightly surreal and alarming clip, he says: "Hey guys, It’s Frankie! Have you missed me? I’ve definitely missed you guys.

Frankie Grande

"I’ve been noticing a lot of fashion trends we’ve been talking about on Style Guide in the house."

Frankie Grande

He then blithers on about how stylish this year's house is (it really isn't that stylish), and basically just confuses the hell out of us.

He talks about Aubrey O'Day A LOT. Probably because she's literally the only one the American audience will know. He also says he's the trendsetter in the house. Hmmmmm.

Frankie Grande

C'mon, Big Brother, first WhatsApp-gate and now THIS?

Whatever next? Move the families and friends in for a nice catch up?

Actually, they kinda do do that in tonight's episode

Sophie Kasaei

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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