CBB: Grant Bovey and James Whale first up for eviction in MEGA AWKS scene


CBB Grant Biggins

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Nominations, evictions and ritual humiliation are all part of Celebrity Big Brother.

If you go on the show, you have to accept both that you will nominate, be nominated and will, at some point, face eviction.

But we did NOT foresee how humiliating James Whale's nomination would be.

James received a whopping 11 votes, from Frankie Grande, Lewis Bloor, Chloe Khan, Grant Bovey, Marnie Simpson, Renee Graziano, Ricky Norwood (who we'd kind of forgotten was in the house TBH), Aubrey O'Day, Katie Waissel, Stephen Bear and Heavy D.

No surprises there.

CBB Grant Biggins
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Grant got nine votes, from Christopher Biggins, Frankie, James, Saira Khan, Ricky, Aubrey, Katie and Renee.

Biggins' nomination was perhaps the most revealing, as he said: "Anthea, his wife, was a good friend of mine and I think she was treated quite badly by him."

Playing the loooong game there, Biggins. Love it.

But it was when the nominations were revealed to the house that the knife was really stuck in… to James.

James and Grant's names were read out, and almost all the housemates started shouting in disbelief, that "GB" was up for nomination.

Bear lead the chant, but if we've learned anything from Ex On The Beach it's that Bear will do anything for a wind-up.

CBB Grant Biggins
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Heavy D, who must surely (SURELY) have been up for the boot if he hadn't won immunity alongside Lewis, Biggins and Saira, leant his voice to it and so the commiserations BOOMED on for ages.

Chloe and Marnie even got up to cuddle Grant, which the former Mr Anthea Turner took as an opportunity to kiss Marnie on the head because: creepy.

Meanwhile, James was left desolate and alone. We almost (almost) felt a bit sorry for him. Almost.

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