CBB’s Heavy D makes Chloe Khan wash his dirty PANTS

Seriously, it's getting well beyond funny now


by Georgina Terry |
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Big Brother is no stranger to cringe-worthy attempts at and actual seductions.

Michelle Bass and Chicken Stu. Anthony Hutton and Craig Coates. Dappy hunting for Luisa Zissman's nipples like a pig rooting for truffles.

But the one happening in this series of Celebrity Big Brother is not so funny.

Not Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor; we're down with that, showmance or not.

We're talking about Heavy D and his constant attempts to get some skin-on-skin time with Chloe Khan.

Heavy (or Colin, which is his genuine human name) seems to think that just because Chloe may or may not have flirted with him, he is now entitled to claim her as his own and expect the full girlfriend experience from her.

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Dream on, pal.

Last night's episode saw him refer to Chloe as "that", something our new hero Ricky Norwood seriously took him to task for. But has he learned his lesson?

He has not.

In tonight's show, Chloe finds herself cast as an 'Artificial' who has to take care of the humans of the house, and Heavy takes full, horrible advantage.

Firstly, he gets her to make him some toast. Fine. Then he asks her for a massage. Creepy.

Then he tasks her with WASHING HIS UNDERPANTS. Like, that is seriously not cool.

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House voice of reason (self-appointed) Renee Graziano tries to tell Heavy that he's "made his point" with Chloe.

And Chloe takes it upon herself to wreak revenge on her tormentor, by covering his bed in suntan lotion and chili sauce. Which is pretty childish, but we can kind of see why she did it.

And it seems as though most of the house are on Chloe's side, telling Heavy that he went too far.

How long until he's up for eviction, do you reckon?

Also in tonight's show: Aubrey O'Day recieves a formal warning for her vile treatment of Stephen Bear.

CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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