Will Heavy D be thrown out of CBB for bad behaviour?

How much further can he and Bear push it?

Heavy D

by Georgina Terry |
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Last night, Heavy D and Stephen Bear were reprimanded by Big Brother for putting their fellow housemates at risk.

Following nominations, which were broadcast to the house in a cruel twist, Heavy D had a massive meltdown that saw him trash the Borehamwood bungalow.

Possibly following the actions of Bear – although why he'd be angry at nominations we're unsure as he's up every time in eternal nomination – who had poured olive oil over the garden, Bear threw food all over the house.


Pasta, cereal, eggs and rice – nothing was spared Heavy's wrath.

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Could it have been a reaction to several housemates citing his "greed" as a reason they chose him?

Or was it just very childish behaviour?

Either way, Twitter users reacted in fury to Heavy wasting food.

Big Brother called Bear and Heavy D, separately, to the Diary Room to tell them off for putting their housemates at risk and provide them with cleaning tools equipment for cleating up the mess they've made.

For reason that were not made clear, Katie Waissel somehow became involved in clearing up the mess Heavy D made, leading to her breaking down in tears as Heavy smoked a cigarette and laughed at her when she asked him to help.

Uncomfortable viewing.

©Channel 5

But will Heavy and Bear be thrown out for it?

It doesn't look likely, does it? Bear has been told off for "goading" his fellow housemates but unless they step over the line from childish / EXTREMELY IRRITATING behaviour to bullying, there's a chance they could be in there 'til the end.

Can you even imagine being in a house with them though? Sam Fox and Ricky Norwood deserve to be in the next honours list for services to endurance.

*CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. *

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