CBB’s Heavy D says his feelings for Chloe Khan were real


Heavy D

by Polly Foreman |
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We must admit, we breathed a big sigh of relief when Emma Willis read out (a very shocked) Heavy D’s name during last night’s Celebrity Big Brother live eviction.

Ever since he boomed his way into the house we’ve had a constant headache. WHY does he feel the need to shout “BOOM” every 40 seconds?

But CBB will now be a far more relaxing experience for housemates and viewers alike.

We’re also still a bit pissed off about his behaviour toward Chloe Khan earlier in the show. HE MADE HER WASH HIS DIRTY PANTS, GUYS.

Speaking during his eviction interview, he spoke about his earlier feelings for Chloe, insisting they were genuine and saying he felt “mugged off” when she got with Stephen Bear.

Heavy D

Err… She literally never led you on in any way at all, Heavy.

He said: “I did but the lesson I learnt was, if she chose him, you have to be a gentleman and put your hands up.

Heavy D Chloe Khan

"You shake hands and you get on with it, you don’t hold a grudge, we’re both adults.

"She came across as a really sweet-natured person and was just a good laugh.

"But you know, it's something you can't explain, it's just an attraction isn't it, it's just in the air."


He also reiterated his earlier contention that Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson are a showmance (which many viewers have agreed with).

He said: "That’s fake! It’s a showmance.

"They’re not stupid, they’ve got the same agent, I know a showmance when I see one.

heavy d

"They knew each other before they got on the show. Showmance."

He’d put forward this belief earlier in the house, saying in a conversation with James Whale: “showmances don't do any favours.

"You can't fall in love after two weeks it's impossible!"

It certainly looked pretty real last night… If it is a showmance, these two literally deserve some kind of award.

He's probably pissed off about the whole drink throwing thing...

Heavy D Lewis Bloor
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