CBB: Who the HELL is Heavy D?

His real name is Colin. COLIN.

Heavy D

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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Celebrity Big Brother has begun and we're loving ALL the housemates. We were a bit shocked at one though. Just who the hell is Heavy D?

Let's find out.

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Who is Heavy D?

Heavy D's real name is Colin Newell. We know. Has there ever been a human being less suited to the name Colin? If you know a Colin who looks less like a Colin than this Colin, we'll eat our hat AND yours.

heavy d cbb

How old is Heavy D?

We're not going to lie, we're not 100% sure. Although we do know he's between the ages of 34 and 40. Maybe he's as old as time itself, but just has a really good moisturiser.

How is Heavy D famous?

The CBB housemate has previous starred in short films and adverts, but shot to, er, 'fame' with Storage Hunters UK. On the show he was referred to as Heavy D or the Boominator, coz he always says "BOOM". They're literally all the credentials you need to get into CBB these days. SMDH.

What else does Heavy D do?

He's a "self-styled fashion guru," FYI. Basically he makes his own clothes. They're… different.

heavy d cbb

Where does Heavy D live?

London. He says he's a "London geezer. Born and bred". Cockn'y sparra n' all vat. Secretly we're wondering if he's a RADA-trained actor with the plumiest RP accent you've ever heard.

What is Heavy D's Twitter?

You can follow Heavy D at @HeavyHeavyD. Oh and fun fact, he's friends with Sandi from Gogglebox.

Does Heavy D have Instagram?

No he does not. Which is a real shame, because we're not sure he's going to say "BOOM" enough on CBB and it would have been nice to have an audio reference for our personal archives.

What exactly is the point of Heavy D?

Bit harsh, pal. What's the point of you, eh? Anyway, that's not really a question we can answer. But he's described himself thusly:

"I wind people up."

"I say 'ave it'."

"I shout out my trademark 'BOOM'."

"I'm the king of banter."

Oh god. He's giving us a headache already.

Here are some of Heavy D's best bits:

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