CBB: It’s all kicking off between Stephen Bear and Saira Khan. Uh oh

We've had our first CBB ding dong

Celebrity Big Brother Saira and Bear

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Did you really think Stephen Bear was put in the house to be best friends with everyone? Don't you remember the time on Ex On The Beach where he spent days floating around on his own because he'd pissed everyone else off?

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And now the prolific wind-up merchant has claimed his first victim – Loose Women's Saira Kahn.

Celebrity Big Brother Saira and Bear

After spending the majority of the day disagreeing about all sorts, Bear came to the conclusion that he thinks she's just trying to make him look bad by always asking questions that get him riled.

So he told her. In front of Lewis Bloor and Heavy D.

Bear brings up an occasion earlier in the day, where Saira questioned him about his aggressive persona, asking him if he ever 'punched' anyone.

Bear said: "I think you're trying to trick me into looking bad.

"For example in the bathroom you went to me 'Have you ever thrown a punch at someone?'

"And I was thinking, 'Are you the police?!'"

Celebrity Big Brother Saira and Bear

However, Saira was not happy about this accusation, replying: "You've taken that conversation completely out of context."

As they continue to argue, the other two lads chime in and accused Saira of being 'the aggressive one'.

Three lads on one lady? Hmmmmm, well played.

Later on, Saira heads to the diary room to have a little cry.

“I’m so out of my comfort zone with some of these people. I did not think Big Brother would make me crack after three days. I’m trying to get to know people and no one has gotten to know me. I really do not like Bear.”

So far, Saira hasn't really made a good impression on viewers. Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby had this to say about Saira constantly questioning everyone:

Well the peace and harmony lasted 48 hours. Just as it should.

**Also in tonight's ep: **

The housemates get gunged, Lewis admits that he fancies Marnie Simpson (we knew it), James Whale kicks off about the younger generation and Marnie flashes her boobs at Saira.

We can't wait.

*Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5. *

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