Anthony Costa says Lee Ryan would ‘be mad not to’ go back into CBB

Remember the Lee Ryan series?

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I'm A Celebrity finishes this weekend, Ed Balls has left Strictly, and Honey G has been cruelly TORN from The X Factor.

We're in television meltdown, basically.

But a beaming, shining beacon of light comes in the form of the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother.

CBB is arguably the best thing to ever happen to TV, particularly after this year was packed full of certain Stephanie Davis / Jeremy McConnell / Stephen Bear-related DRAMZ.

But in a time before all this, a time that literally feels as if it occurred about 40 years ago, there was the Lee Ryan love triangle series.

Popularly understood to be the best series of the show's existence (we just had a lil heat office vote), Lee being embroiled in a romance with not one but TWO girls was quite the definition of dramz.

Don't remember the most EVENTFUL STRING OF EVENTS to ever happen to telly? Here's the series in a nutshell.

Lee Ryan got together with Casey Batchelor. He then sacked her off for Jasmine Waltz, got together with her IN THE SAME ROOM AS CASEY and they made some noises together in the toilet not dissimilar to those of Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear's in the last series.

lee ryan

Jasmine then went out, Lee WENT BACK TO CASEY, Casey's mum entered the house and told her to wise up, Blue came in and sang ONE LOVE (loooool), and CBB producers decided it was so bloody good that they extended the series for another week.

Eventful AF, we told you.

This year's CBB is reportedly set to feature 'Gold Stars V New Stars', and it's apparently going to be bringing back contestants from past shows – and a heavily rumoured candidate is Lee Ryan.

heat caught up with Anthony Costa (AKA Anthony from Blue) at a speed dating event at Foxy Bingo's Love Lodge (bangin' night) to ask if Lee might go back on the show, and he told us: "Never say never. He'd be mad not to. I think he'd be brilliant. He was brilliant in it. A lot of people still come up to me to this day and go… 'Ah your mate Lee was proper good man.'

Anthony costa

"I loved watching it. He had two birds that liked him. And I'm thinking yeah he's a single man, good luck to him."

If you want to place bets amongst your mates on which two lucky ladies Lee could POTENTIALLY get with, check out our CBB rumours piece HERE.

(Sidenote: BREAKING NEWS: Anthony also told us that instead of Christmas cards, they Blue boys send each other text messages saying: "Happy Christmas bruv." You heard it here first.)

Anthony costa

Anthony Costa was speaking at a Foxy Bingo Speed dating event – follow @foxybingo and play at

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