CBB’s Lewis Bloor FINALLY loses his cool with Stephen Bear

Looks like Lew's regretting his loyalty


by Georgina Terry |
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Stephen Bear could have lost his last friend in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Lewis Bloor has finally at the end of his patience with his buddy and ranted about him to Sam Fox.

Why? Because of coffee.


Coffee really is the most precious substance in the CBB house this year. Remember when Bear made a "cocktail" out of it and was shouted out by Frankie Grande? Or when he tried to get Saira Khan to sneak some out of the house?

It's liquid gold to the frazzled celebs. Even decaff is the nectar of the gods in there, and it's become about as rare after Bear "accidentally" knocked a jar of it off a kitchen surface and all over the floor.

"It's so out of order… it's an out and out piss take," Lew raged to housemates when he heard what Bear had done.

"It's the same joke and it ain't funny," he fumed. Which is in both parts true.

Could Lewis finally be regretting his loyalty to Bear? Looks that way. He was FUMING when housemates' nominations were screened to the house, and he discovered that he was up for eviction because of his closeness to the CBB troublemaker.

Still, at least Lewis took out his anger on his ciggie, Heavy D went on a food-throwing rampage that saw him reprimanded by Big Brother for his aggression.

Lewis, Bear, Heavy and Renee Graziano all face the next public vote. Who will go?

It's a hard one to call. We'd say Renee because presumably she has the least number of fans in the UK but after James Whale got the largest number of votes to save him on Friday we don't know what to think anymore.

Remember James' intro? Remember him saying: "Men and women can never be equal"?


*CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. *

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