Did Lewis Bloor reveal why Stephen Bear ‘NEEDS’ to win CBB?

The gloves are OFF between the former friends


by Georgina Terry |
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Celebrity Big Brother has reached the point where the celebs have turned on each other like rats in a very fancy cage.

AKA the best time.

And former TOWIE Lewis Bloor has well and truly turned on his former friend Stephen Bear.

Lew Lew was absolutely devastated when he found himself up for eviction AGAIN on Tuesday night, having just got through the public vote that saw Heavy D leave (at last).


The nominations were face to face and while some of the mealy-mouthed celebs claimed they chose Lewis as he was "strong competition" (boak), others were more honest and said they'd picked him because he's an enabler for Bear's bad behavior.

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Last night, viewers heard Lewis complaining bitterly to Marnie Simpson about Bear, and saying why he thought Bear had not stood up for him in the Heavy D rowthat saw Lewis banished to Big Brother's spare bedroom for the night.

"He needs this more than any of us," Lewis claimed, referring to Bear's appearance in CBB.

"He's got nothing…

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"He'll use any of us… We're just pawns in this [to him]."


Isn't Lewis aware of Bear's sterling work in Ex On The Beach? His Shipwrecked past? Our deep and abiding affection for him? An affection that's been sorely tested over the past three weeks, NGL.

In fairness to Lewis, he also brought up the issue with Bear, and said to him: "If we’ve got to that point in the game now, where you can’t afford to have friends, then that’s OK."

Lewis, Bear, James Whale, Ricky Norwood and Samantha Fox all face the public vote this Friday, in what the housemates believe will be a double eviction.

Sam seemed to take her nomination the hardest, and took particular exception to Bear voting for because he's "never heard an opinion" from her.

"Grow yourself a penis," she bellowed at him, and created our new favourite insult.

CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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