CBB’s Marnie Simpson reveals her craziest sex story (and it ain’t for the squeamish)

Oh Lawd

Marnie Simpson

by Polly Foreman |
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This series of Celebrity Big Brother has thrown us so many shockers that basically nothing can surprise us anymore.

After Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan getting it on in the toilet, Lillie Lexie Gregg storming into the house, and Lewis Bloor getting out his ENORMOUS AND HAIRLESS peen (and balls) every 40 seconds, the revelation that Marnie once pooed on someone during sex is almost pretty tame.


Actually no it’s not.

But it is HILARIOUS.

She made the unsettling revelation in last night’s episode, when Aubrey O’Day asked her: “What is the most uncomfortable sexual experience you’ve ever had?”

Renee Graziano and Aubrey Day

She replied: “I’ve got a few,” to which Renee urged her: “Hey, unload!”


She then said: "One time I pooed on someone."

Marnie Simpson

“Listen, I will say this, it happens to the best of us!”


Most of the housemates (and us) collapsed with laughter – apart from Sam who just kinda sat there looking alarmed.

Sam Fox

What IS IT with the Geordie Shore girls pooing and weeing on people during sex all the time?

Fans were quick to praise Marne on Twitter – one wrote: "Omg Marnie is cracking me up on #cbb she is quality," and another: "Imagine in years to come, Lewis and Marnie can sit by the fire and tell their grandkids how once upon a time, grandma shat on someone #LOL."

Some even said her experience could have secured her place in Tuesday’s eviction (who knows, maybe it was that that swung it?), writing: "Marnie has just kept herself in with that haha HOW though Marnie HOW?!"

This revelation comes after she got it oooon with a banana.

And we mean full oral sex, mind.

Renee told Marnie that it looked "excellent" and Aubrey offered her some tips for improvement. Sweet.

This series is just completely mental and we LOVE IT.

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