Will Marnie Simpson have sex on CBB? Her stepdad spills the beans

Aw, Eric

CBB Marnie Simpson

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We love all the sex-related shenanigans in Celebrity Big Brother because we are basically massive perverts.

But can you imagine if your parents were watching you on it? Little bit of a turn-off.

However, Marnie Simpson’s stepdad Eric Kyle watches her on *CBB *every night, and has declared himself her “second biggest fan” – behind Marnie’s mum, of course.

Eric spoke to heat about Marnie’s appearance on the show, and said that he would not be annoyed if she had sex on TV. Well, after Geordie Shore we guess there's not much he hasn't seen.


Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor
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"Obviously as her stepdad, I'd prefer that she waited until the outside, but they are in a pressure cooker in there so I would never pass judgment on her," Eric said. What a guy.

He also told heat what he thinks about Marnie's steamy romance with former TOWIE star Lewis Bloor: "He seems like a gentleman. He's definitely putting in a lot of time with Marnie and has been flirting with her, and Marnie is a self-professed flirt so I think she’s been enjoying that.

CBB Marnie Simpson
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"He seems like her type, and when you spend 24 hours a day with someone for a period of time, you'll get to know them really quickly so we'll see what happens. She seems to like him from watching it – there could be feelings there but there's no way of knowing. Marnie is going to do what Marnie wants so we’ll have to wait and see."

We wonder what Marnie likes most about Lewis? Could it be his ENORMOUS PENIS?

Eric also told us what could push Marnie into a fight on the show, although we really don't want to see any fisticuffs, please.

"If you provoke Marnie or attack her for a reason that's wrong, that will set her off. For the most part she is very calm, but is capable of doing that if someone comes at her.

"When it comes down to it, Marnie can hold her own. She's certainly not a wallflower and won’t just sit there and take anything like that from anybody."

*Read more of Eric's interview in the current issue of heat magazine, out now. *

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