CBB’s Renee Graziano LOSES IT with Stephen Bear in vile rant

Come on, Renee. That's going too far.

CBB Renee

by Georgina Terry |
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In case you hadn't noticed, Celebrity Big Brother's Renee Graziano isn't the biggest fan of Stephen Bear.

We can't pin point the exact moment she went from trying to seduce him to hating his guts but it was around the first time he locked lips with Playboy sensation Chloe Khan.

Funny that.

And, since Bear picked Renee in a killer nomination twist, things have gone from bad to worse.


CBB Renee
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But rather than stage a quiet protest, and threaten to walk out like James Whale and his merry band of followers, Renee has decided that the best way to tackle Bear is to shout about how much she hates him, right in his face.

"You're ignorant, and childish… You're a cruel individual, you're self-centred and you're selfish," she bellows at Bear, before hitting him with the ultimate insult.

"You're worth f*cking nothing."

Harsh. Renee clearly doesn't realize he won £2million on the lottery. Maybe.

"Didn't you fancy me in the beginning?" Bear asks, rather wonderfully.

"I thought you were cute and had great legs and beautiful eyes," Renee admits.

"Big f*cking deal. Get over yourself! And stop addressing me. Stop speaking with me," she continues, even though Bear has stopped speaking to her and is chatting with Frankie Grande.

Maybe shouting at people is how one gets camera time on Mob Wives and that's why she keeps at it even though literally everyone, Bear included, is now ignoring her. Hey, it's working.

"I have been nice and polite with you for three days," she claims which is actually a lie. A bit like when she told Chloe she'd never in her whole life said the word "prostitute" and certainly not in the past hour in reference to Chloe.

Seriously, what part of cameras being everywhere in the house and capturing everything the housemates say and do does Renee not understand?

Renee and Bear along with Marnie Simpson and James Whale are up for eviction this Friday.

*CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. *

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