CBB spoiler: Amanda Barrie and India Willoughby come to blows after Amanda misgenders her again

Amanda apologised after referring to India as ‘he’ for the second time

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Celebrity Big Brother’s Amanda Barrie and India Willoughby come to blows in tonight’s episode after Amanda misgenders India for the second time - calling her ‘he’.

While Amanda, India, Ann Widdecombe, and Rachel Johnson were having a conversation on the sofas, Amanda refers to India, who is transgender, as ‘he’.

When India corrects her, Amanda let’s out a chuckle and says: “Ive done it again. Why do I always do that?”

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India then replies: “I don’t know”

Amanda then tries to make a joke out of it, saying: “It’s because I fancy you or something…”

India then says: “That’s twice you’ve misgendered me… She’s misgendered me, and the second time she does it, she’s just chuckled.”

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Amanda responds with: “I do apologise.”

India then says: “Apology is not enough. I’m sorry, but I did explain to you how important it was. That’s twice you’ve done it. You certainly don’t misgender someone then have a chuckle.”

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Ann Widdecombe then chimes in, saying an apology is always enough if it’s a mistake.

India responds with: Let me tell you, Ann. Only I know how I Feel. You can’t tell me how I feel inside.

“As the person concerned, I take great offence at that.”

Later on in the episode, Amanda tries to apologise in the garden, which India does not accept.

The full exchange will air in tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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